Bill calls Hillary,”a change maker,”
ask Chris¹… the Ambassador she
left behind- in Tripoli.

Hillary says we can do it ‘together,’
ask the Native Americans Indians²
that walked out on her at the DNC…
and why!

Hillary’s emails³ speak for themselves,
to gain power or to deny the power of:
the words, the omission or commission
of them and there intent.

1942 propaganda slogan

A 1942 propaganda poster… and could be used today!

1… Christopher Stevens, the US Ambassador that was left behind.

2… Native Americans (see the video below) and ‘Code Talkers’, you can’t just wave a copy of the US Constitution here… or to the memory of American Japanese interned themselves or their sons of the 442nd Infantry Regiment.

3… overtly lying to the American people, collusion in the DNC (and election fraud) and clear signs of overt bias to one over a strong ally in this country’s past besmirches the memories of any that wore a uniform and died for this very country.

Signs that are present amid Hillary’s run for the Presidency include: lying to the American people, conspiracy with those in the DNC toward ‘election fraud’ and ‘election tampering,’ and using the memory of a Muslim military man, who died for his country. When the US Constitution was waved, by the Father, at the convention, all liberties held sacred by the American people were politicized (by Hillary too) regardless of the beliefs held in honor. Doesn’t Mr. Khan realize he is being used, and in turn… he is using his son’s memory, for a political agenda- not even his own (if he is to understand the US Constitution he would wave against another).

WARNING: The link directly below contains some images that could be (strongly)considered unflattering to women [at best] and more than suggestive [at worse]. It is due to this fact I’ll not include it here (as a hyper-link), and you must look for it on your own here…

[Coming from the New York Post… ‘Clinton Cash’]

Key players in a main component of the reset — a Moscow-based Silicon Valley-styled campus for developing biomed, space, nuclear and IT technologies called “Skolkovo” — poured tens of millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation, the report by journalist Peter Schweizer alleges.

[Coming from this abstract below]

The stridence of the anti-Clinton sentiment in Cleveland goes beyond the “Lock her up!” slogan. During the first day, some at the convention wore mock campaign shirts that read “Hillary for prison 2016.” Aerial banner ads called for Clinton’s imprisonment as well, and later that day, Patricia Smith, a mother of a victim of the Benghazi attack, blamed Clinton personally for the death of her son.

Furthermore, if you can remember ‘freedom fries’ and ‘free speech zone’ then you can begin to understand the impact of what happened to the Dixie Chicks… using their choice of free speech- just how it can be used politically. Even General Colin Powell apologized to us, as Americans, an ex-Sec. of State… and a former CIA Official apologizes as well. This is the only thing this Veteran is proud of McCain saying (seen here) for I have not seen anything good come from him prior to seeing his comment on Hillary- one clear view found here… see for yourself! When will we realize the game is being played on us? Anyone can be used… to advance one cause over another: a General, Captain or a grieving Father!

Crooked Hillary and the togetherness she gives us… as Americans- take a look (peek) if you’d dare to discover the truth of her open intentions.

The kiss of betrayal

The kiss of betrayal!

the Hillary wink