To what we’d deny (equal rights) to christians… is to desire the same treatment- this is vulgar to me!

Vulgar: Lacking good taste; unrefined; characteristic of

belonging to the masses

To me, I consider vulgarity as ‘pandering to the masses’ and

what could be couched in naked and overt bias and partiality,

to think one is christian and see them do the polar opposite…

antithetical to fairness, to straight arm truth… barren hostility,

no veniality seen to cause the slight of christians on the list

to be signed by President Obama, A US Declaration of timidity…

this is biased and pointedly prejudiced against christians and,

if it is based on a theological preference… laced with intolerance,

You might as well tell the people about the ‘bad deal with Iran’…

how you feel about ‘the Weathermen‘… as the devil you’d dance,

this is vulgar to me, as much as Hillary promotes abortion and

President Obama says,”God bless Planned Parenthood,” disgrace.

[The abstract below comes from the ACLJ, and there is a petition to be sent to the President… see it here (and sign it) and speak out for those that cannot]

Stop ISIS’s Genocide of Christians

ISIS is brutal beyond words.

It is beheading, raping, and selling Christians.

Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been forced to flee or die – to abandon their lives or allow their children to be sold as sex slaves. But where can they run?

For more than a year, ISIS’s jihadist army has been on a bloody rampage, profiting from genocide, and tracking down Christians for sale and slaughter. It kidnaps Christians. It massacres Christians.

Christians are dying every day.

The ICC (International Criminal Court) defines genocide as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or part, a national, ethnical, racial or religiousgroup” (listed with 5 such acts or actions constituting genocide).

Furthermore, it defines ‘Crimes against humanity‘ as acts “committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack” (listed with 16 such acts as individual crimes).

1)… article on christian genocide in ‘The Christian Post’

2)… article about slighting those most affected by genocide in the Middle East, christians, by not including them on impending US declaration on ISIS genocide, in ‘The National Review’

3)… article from the UN, stated by an Iraqi Lawmaker, where what is happening in Iraq and the Middle East is called genocide [March 27, 2015/7419th Meeting(AM)]

4)… article in the NY Times (July 22nd, 2015) on the activities known as genocide around the world [except in the US]

5)… British urge David Cameron to officially recognize the mass slaughter of christians in the Middle East as ‘genocide.’

6)… from the ‘Jerusalem Channel’ TV, an article speaking out against genocide committed by people in search of ‘a Master Faith’ (this covering Netanyahu at the UN, Sept. 29th, 2014)

If the US Media Circus insists politics is no place for vulgarity, the left would never light another cigar… and the right would not listen to a white haired politician- one that brags about doing nothing for the Veterans in his own state.