Such as it is, ‘Net Neutrality’ is back but it hardly appears

as it is or as it might seem to be, neutral here in name only,

not unlike any other oxymoron ever to come down the

pipe, like: Jumbo shrimp, Friendly fire, nuclear family…

as it turns out… back when the UN attempted to take control

of the internet (that’s right), neutrality was not a concern

or care, it was ‘pure unadulterated greed,’ tyrannical in its

effort and hopes to limit access, ‘free speech’ and discern

for openness and inspired dialogue, largesse a harbinger…

the red flags of ire were waved by the few understanding

what they saw, and what they saw produced by a vainer

or two… for the common good here, the needs of the many

outweigh the few people coming here without use of a Visa,

this is but one change not mentioned by the President… or

is this ‘phase one,’ to encourage more violence to pleasa’

people un-separable from their religion, and no politician

ever supported a ‘wet-foot-dry-foot‘ policy, forced to return

to repressive governments, or countries they tried to flee…

Cuban Americans can attest to such absurdity of western

suspension of immigrants, even migrants, as there is nothing

in the constitution declared about this as it being a right…

so for all the pandering of ‘political lips’ using duplicitous

turns and sways to the winds of change blowing on our land,

take a step back (here) and see if there is,”Malice toward

none; with charity for all,” the efforts of how we shall stand.

Yes this started out as ‘a Net Neutrality’ piece… but it morphed into what you see. The affects of ‘Net Neutrality’ encompass the effects of those using the internet. If ‘free speech’ is to ‘free enterprise’ then we should take every step we can to ensure viability to this great tool is improved upon- or it shall be lost to us all forever. One viewpoint from NPR (on Net Neutrality) is found here, and another from the National Journal here, and how the ITU might affect you here.

As to what truth one might present to us, see what is said by: the Ayatollah (on the San Bernardino shootings), the warm welcome this couple received (by not having to apply for a Visa… and our wide open door to them), where they were trained (Tashfeen Malik in Pakistan) and taught by Dr. Farhat Hashmi. There seems to be questionable links to ISNA, ISIS inspired students and other links found throughout the internet- and I’d add… without authentication they remain questionable. I did find some links placed under the banner of LUBP (Let Us Build Pakistan) but they have the same info (from the look of it). See them both below… please note the numbers correlating to the posts in the address bar.

1)… article one

2)… article two

Follow the money, understand Malik trained at an Islamic school… and we need to verify intentions- for if ‘malice’ is the goal neither do we need them to share in this type of charity nor should we turn a blind eye from our own bias. For the greater good of the many of us all… Americans!

Will somebody please remind the President, and the White House Press Corps, Cubans were subjected to this something here (wet-foot, dry-foot)… for many years. Trump is not ‘disqualified’ for speaking his mind, and the President is not dishonorable by turning away from the issues– not even if to cause an effect (by bias) on an election (upcoming) where he is not eligible.

If Dr. Farhat Hashmi would like Shariah Law in Canada… how long will it take to invade our courts- or has it already?

If there is sound reason to and for this belief, what is the reason life means so little to those of their faith… seen by the actions of so many (leaving us to conclude there is more to this than meets the eye)? If Malik was but a student of Hashmi, how many more extreme views are condoned by the Moslem communities without calling it radical? If peace is the goal… let’s see some of it in action- by the groups: CAIR, ISNA and ICNA. The last link (for ICNA) lists a call to protest discrimination against any religious group, and I wonder if this is also extended to Jews and christians throughout the world?