Donald Sterling, he is banned for life from

the NBA, all for his clear cut racism,

this at a time when the State Dept’s

top official, John Kerry… apologism,

for him saying,”Israel could be an Apartheid

State,” and this not hate speech, anti-Semitism?

Nine (9) months of diplomacy pushed back…

shirked and disregarded,”Is this antagonism?”

Flushed by being found out… the disgrace

of his pointed statement and no surrealism,

if what was said was intended, with sure

forethought, it smacks of jaded globalism!


How is it not OK for an NBA owner… but OK when someone is in a bigger seat of power and influence [representing a Nation here]… and this is suppose to be representative of being done in our best interests? Poppycock! Both comments were captured in a private setting… but laid bare to the court of public opinion- quite telling of how either of these two feel about their topics of choice and equally hateful when using the same standards of thought and reason to gauge them for and from. I see no need to distinguish them as being separate from one another but of the same caliber and scope for the hate contained in them both.