“Standing at the tomb of the Unknown soldier”©

I stand here to honor you,

and yet they say you are unknown

but I knew you well,

you’ve never been unfamiliar,

you were the American that

would stop to help a stranger,

the hand to feed the hungry,

the one to offer aid to the widow,

sharing your time with an orphan

and visiting the sick or the dying.

I stand now because of you…

that you should care for me,

I am the unknown…

the one you never saw

but knew I’d be here…

thanking you all the same,

and I can only give you the

respect I can offer by:

caring for my country,

not trying to be better than

the next but showing the next

to be better than I am,

sharing the reason you died

was to ensure I would live…

and live freely and

for us all to know without

the party across the aisle

there is only a one party system…

no different than China.

(Written on Veterans day, Nov. 11th, 2010)

“When the door opens the bag is on fire”©

From within the vacuum… the empty,

the nothing, where nothing else exists

but the yawning wait and the torturing

hell of destruction that descends on all

those tasting war… the suck, the space

and time between the implosion and the

explosion lasting seconds to years… as it

is all subjective and relative at the

same time, the faceless enemy of the

mind at wait… to wander the wasteland

of moment, either moments before or

moments after… the where dragged to

here years later like a fresh kill

in the teeth of a war-dog wagging his

tail expecting a pat on the head from a

job well done… the one that wakes up
in cold sweats during the middle of the

night… in the middle of December from

the middle of the war, standing

amidst the ruin of another human’s

wasted society… where civilization took

a back seat to humanity and dropped a

bag on fire before ringing the door bell.

[ I saw the movie “Jarhead” for the first time the other night… and this

is attributable to the sentiment and reaction to the movie, the war and

the whole damn thing. ]