Say anything… paint the enemy as a

heartless soul, one willing to do it…

and the ‘it’ is not what you would do,

No, No- here the something doesn’t fit,

How could he… why would he, the suggestion

to become the reality, even though untrue,

don’t you just love the arena of modern politics…

where the combatants have not a clue

Read my lips“, I’ll get it done, two Bushes

later and still no wall built, porous our home,

so poor us… neither party willing to do it…

the wall comes down with Cuba of sea foam,

so sloppy and loud go head to head, Jeb is

but tailing away to fret in polls to his own fear,

all the while fear to increase to orange from

yellow, you know… red so close, so near,

symbolism, signs seem more important to

people than the truth, ISIS has slaves now

how did we shirk this reality and claim

victory from a flag lowered, now then- HOW?

Cheney points at Obama… Blackwater the

sharpened tool by choice, open purchase it was,

Halliburton… the little money grubbing dig to

shape the vacuum created, hate us it does!

UN claims the temple in Palmyra destroyed

by ISIS, CNN says ‘partial’… media uses toys…

the toys of molding, crafting and shaping

our expected thoughts of good girls and boys,

to rename MT. McKinley ‘Denali,’ Obama seeks

to show local Indians (natives) his concern,

this is before the environment is raped

a kiss-kiss for a ‘forget me not,’ and then burn.

How to work the stage!?!

How to work the stage!?!

All the news that’s fitting to print… and a little behind the scenes too.

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