From Councils of government (Cog’s)

we see the formation of reformation,

all regions of the Earth and no respecter

of sovereignty rising out of the indignation,

no need to speculate… the world rises to

the global citizens it wants and demands,

a hunger for all being its loyal subjects…

no where to run, it owns all our hands,

this is the design looked for and intended

to do away with freedom or its very notion,

this is the need to do it in… and there is no

need for magic or the power of any potion,

simply put… blackmail those in power to find

sure their silence and quiet the effort to thwart,

and then put the plan into motion… accuse any

against it to be found, as to the world, a threat,

all this is planned from generations ago, from a 

time before we have today, even prophesied on…

and everyone seems so willing and embracing

the cause, peace loving goodness for Zion,

such silliness eschew… thinking the heart of man

can change, the sinecures of men are so free,

where are your own responsibilities derived 

if you are devoid… without thoughts of thee.


How is it that all this can happen surrounding the country of Israel… affecting the country of Israel… and yet they are to shine it like it doesn’t mean a thing? Where is our solid support for them as in years past… instead of our intentions to violate the Oslo Accord, the same thinking having been shown for the B.S. it was during the Olympics and at the International level? Face it, Jerusalem is the Jewish Capital and not “a proposed capital… of a proposed state (that does not yet exist).”  This is the same attempt that has already lost at the Hague… is it not, and just as foolish?