Do we really want Hillary this badly?

The gun just went off…

it was in someone’s hand

but it just went off,

and if you believe it…

ever more will you stand

but you’re full of it,

and you’d claim it a foul

no less contrived or planned

by the manufacturer…

and disregard the goal

to point against one’s brand

to elevate one of your own.

Gov. Dannel Malloy of Connecticut calls Senator Sanders ‘dead wrong‘ on his stand for protecting gun manufacturers. He supports Hillary too… and (it appears) money from Goldman Sachs as well. So what has either party done to: prevent guns from falling into the hands of (problem) people… already thought to be harmful to themselves, create legislation to endorse guns for protection are used (only) by sane people, enforce the denial of gun rights (with mandatory aid from Medical or Psychological fields) to people exhibiting: hate speech, harmful desires or fantasies, and clear (diagnosed) signs of PTSD’s. Funny, how even Gov. Malloy has a Goldman Sachs connection… first an article in the Hartford Courant and then two perspectives, here and here–  and the dirt found at the bottom of this paragraph. Why was a crime scene tossed by ineffective and unqualified people, some memory? Don’t understand how ‘Big Money‘ is favored by politicians- really? As if that wasn’t bad enough… allegations to far worse appear- here, here and here (with a Planned Parenthood connection too!). Lastly, I hope what they paid Hillary for her speeches was worth taking- as American trust and decency went right down the toilet. Speaking of American decency, here is how they see it in Australia.

There is ‘nothing’ in this organization God would bless. Hillary supports them too!

I support gun control… and believe it means hitting what you are aiming at! Guns do not kill people… people do! Would you sue the company that makes the mayonnaise… when the egg salad was left out to long at the picnic on the fourth of July- NO! Same thing here… and guns (used properly) do help sane people defend their homes and families. The police will not always be there when you (might) need them… and we need to take steps to deprive people willing to use them for purposes other than they have been intended for. Defense first and last and not to be (offensively) used at all for a means of ‘exacting any form of vigilante justice (or any injustice) at all.’

On top of the issues of resentment, by Erica Smegielski, over protection mentioned for gun manufacturers by Sen. Sanders, and fraudulent claims by some (seen within the Sandy Hook families themselves)… this in no way does anything to lessen the importance and diminish (or disparage) the very real pain of hurting families- caused by someone misusing firearms.

[Below are found two videos on Sandy Hook or from the event of Sandy Hook… and gauge them for yourself.]

P.S. Thank you for your (informed) vote New York… in favor of ‘Big Money’ over actual concern- such is politics in America.    #theNewYorkVote    #BigMoney