The mind at sleep, on auto-pilot,

when beliefs become the net,

trapped in our minds given over

to a certain sticky little mindset,

left to trifle with the small things…

the things that can grind the mind

but I thought they were so truthful-

this not the expectation we’ll find!

Influence peddlers of all kinds beggar the senses of us all in the ‘Information Age’ we live in today. The assault is often broad in scope but can be as pin-point as a laser, the pointer used by some professors (not implying a teacher here or a university for higher learning) of the tripe they sell us as truth. Pan handling… gas lighters… gold diggers prevail in all shades to the version and viewpoints spewed out for: our benefit, conditioning and inculcation to the panoply of world talking points- condensed and distilled into one subset of subservient thought. I thought you might like to see where some of them come from, what organization could do it so, and ‘why’ is the question we will be left with- if we’d even consider or ponder longer than we should.

CFR Elite

CFR Elite

Some of the more vocal members... ones we might take at face value and even thought to be warm and fuzzy!

Some of the more vocal members… ones we might take at face value and even thought to be warm and fuzzy!

A proud trio... caring for more than 'Women's Health' here.

A proud trio… caring for more than ‘Women’s Health’ here.

In her glory, an old shot!

In her glory, an old shot!

Just like John to sell us out, remember the 'Winter Soldier' lie or 'The Albright Hearings?'

Just like John to sell us out, remember the ‘Winter Soldier’ lie or ‘The Albright Hearings?’

One source is the CFR (Council for Foreign Relations), and their membership roster (as of August 30th, 2015… a list with 4,900 members) is a virtual who’s-who list of prominence… all fields and tapestries to shroud us in thought for time immemorial- left behind for what is the broader question. See just some of the many images below… and find there are certain other connections to this web of lies they’d sell us- knowing they sound so sincere in their deceit! If you want to go deeper into the rabbit hole of control… take a look here, and see how the far reaching effects can affect us globally- as ‘The New World Order’ marches in [OPENLY]!

The James Warburg comment.

The James Warburg comment.

Thank you Donald Rumsfeld! "We know where the WMD's are... North, East, South and West!"

Thank you Donald Rumsfeld! “We know where the WMD’s are… North, East, South and West!”

Images come from here, and you can also access the University of Wisconsin’s Foreign Relations records of the US (the sum of 375 different transcripts available- between 1861 to 1960) here.

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