So, did you enjoy the ‘freedom’ you enjoyed on your Memorial Day weekend? Did you do something for yourself… your family? Did you for one moment remember how you got this weekend of freedom… from another that may not have: looked like you, thought like you… one that supported his President and laid concern for self down with hopes the next generation would do the same for the people of this land- the United States of America. Still say Obama was a kind memory… a vision of honor to uphold, think about this…



and then about the Veterans turned away from visiting their Memorial.


No, it had nothing to do with his greatness (Obama) as a President… see below but one memory and reality.





Yes there will be things remembered with kindness about any figure in ‘higher office’ but there are things done without concern expressed at all as well. We have the freedom to choose, and don’t need ‘the Media’ to force us to think one way or the other, to think for ourselves and based on our own opinions. Read, Learn, Grow… a pair of eyes, a brain to use and come to your own conclusions!


Here are some of my past writings for a Day to Memorialize in your memory… not hearts of stone and uncaring- it’s not just about you!