There is a difference between the teaching of a

religion and teaching the religion, don’t you think?

Still, this same thing is currently going on… and we

think this is helping us, to indoctrinate and sink

into the quagmire of ‘liberality… mediocrity and

stupidity,’ an insult to any Veteran is this by cause,

this goes way beyond the pail of water we need to

carry to the fire to put out, matches of it… our ruse,

and the students left without the resources to see

what is playing out is being spoon-fed by force…

liberalism kidnapped by socialists with an agenda-

and “We” are to blind to see it… truth,”of course!”

See the truth of our own actions here!

See the truth of our own actions here!

It is one thing for Muslims to teach their own, in the US, but yet quite another when regular US students are told in class to: kneel on the prayer rugs, recite the prayers (actual prayers) while on them, tenets of the religion… and then not to realize they are being forced into the Muslim faith (indoctrinated)- just like the Madrasa system. This literally brings us full circle, defined best as an Ouroboros. To see an enemy, to fight an enemy… and then to become the enemy! Hello Patty Hearst! See one more article of interest here.

This is not water for putting out the fire... it is the 'flame thrower' in our own hands!

This is not water for putting out the fire… it is the ‘flame thrower’ in our own hands!

We just gave our own people in the military a black eye… what an insult!

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