I will ask you but one questionand make a statement (a quasiquestion) after, and not a statement about the question

[The question]

If chaos theory would be applicable to the event of 9-11… how does it also apply to the broken status of peace and how quickly we scrambled to a militant [reactionary] response (not thinking it could have been guided or directed)- and apply the same characteristics of ‘chaos theory‘ to crowd psychology… as brought forth by Gustave Le Bon,”The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind.”

[The statement… this is also in the form of a question, although it is not intended to be one you might answer without thought and reason to be applied]

If we are to attribute the failure of the twin towers to stand, based on heat and stress… and not understand why the debris pile was still hot long after it should have been, “why did Building 7 fall without a plane hitting it?”

I will leave you this to: ponder, think about and reflect on… the official story just does not add up. How well do you remember 9-11? Here are some images for you to see… just look here and here.

[Please watch this video and see if you don’t find the anomalies out-and-out strange… stranger than you thought this whole thing could ever be]

P.S. If you think what is written above is puzzling, how do you feel about freeing up money for Iran… with the deal, knowing there are still Americans there (languishing in prison) and {thanks to US involvement) the money can be used to further the reach of terrorism? I thought we were sent to Iraq to promote democracy (what the Bush crew stated) and not to seek ‘blindly’ retribution. Peculiar to this is the fact that Iraq never attacked us on 9-11, those that were blamed were also (at one time) paid by the CIA and Dick Cheney took control of NORAD from a sitting President. Remember the George W. Bush speech (2001),”Let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th- malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists themselves, away from the guilty.” I did find a very strong timeline with links, produced by the BBC, and [oddly] it comes under the ‘Conspiracy Files.’ For what ever story you might hear, and there are far to many which abound, you might just catch some of the truth worth remembering on Sept. 11th, 2015.

What truth do you hold in your hands so willingly?

What truth do you hold in your hands so willingly?

“The mob is man descending to the nature of the beast.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson