It is one thing to have a book complete but it is another thing (entirely) to have another format (version) available. Here I’m going from a ‘printed format’ to one which will not only engage the ears but the mind, and it is the mind I’m concerned with- for politics affects the mind, body and soul of a people, country and how they view themselves. If the nature of a people can be altered, as much as from being any nationality and becoming American, then it can also be undone in reality (from its original state… here in the US from independence to slavery)- even without realizing any change has occurred. I say free the mind and you’ll free the soul… in this case the soul of a nation which once stood for freedom around the world.

America once stood for freedom… today, with all the ‘political posturing’, I’m not sure if bravado can be maintained with an email, or vision handled in the darkness of our actions. What was once commonplace is not known or even thought about- so I offer material to question,”What do you know of freedom and who do you think you are?”

The audiobook was just released with iTunes and with Amazon, and ‘the hashtag’ gives you a hyperlink through Audible. Please help pass the word along, as I need to feed my rescue animals: hay, birdseed, cat food, dog food and table scraps. Also, a heads up… as Hillary Hawkins has agreed to read (be the narrator for),”From A Greater Hand than mine,” and I’ve asked my friend (Belinda Borradaile… even if this comes with a fee for her valuable time) for help. I’ll need it to accommodate the size change requirements for this project (going from a standard book size to a square image (for the audiobook project) and the placement of the narrator’s name for proper address.


It is time for a press release!

It is time for a press release!