When Jane Fonda did the BBC interview, last week, she put back on the same old ‘Hanoi Jane’ hat she has always worn- leftist and Communist (anti-American through-and-through)! She claims to be proud of ‘the resistance’ and we should be proud of her, right? I don’t think so, neither to her actions nor of those by Linda Sarsour, one of the ‘Woman’s March’ organizers- against Trump! Since the resistance is coming from the left (I’m one too but I’m also a Vet), I will not follow in the flow of it by: taking a knee (knowing the history of Ft. McHenry [See below] and Ft. Pillow), kneel to hypocrisy by complacency (thinking as social media would have us all to think, act or say) or forfeit what it means to be an American that truly values this country, people (all of us) or those whom might oppose us (the so-called resistance). What Jane forgot was to place God first… and to honor the providence of His decisions being supreme, among the affairs of mankind, and what it means to encourage the sense of duty to what liberty avails to us with such freedom! Ironic she should spout her dislike in Great Britain (the UK) through the BBC… don’t you think?




Her Father, a Veteran also, would roll in the grave if ‘he only knew.’ Little wonder they didn’t talk for so long a time… after ‘her jaunt’ to Vietnam! Being mad at Trump but to support the woman that enabled Bill so many years… just another Weinstein Hollywood experience- this is bare naked hypocrisy! This is the crossroad of complacency and mediocrity, and they’d call it the resistance! I call it comforting the enemy… and think she might have tucked in the Taliban like Bergdahl did!