Is Harry Reid the next faceless pariah?

Has the old eel lost the mucosa layers

he used to have [not as slippery as he

used to be], the waters he would defend

as an electric eel more charged than he

thinks it is… where the younger ones

would lead him, the place where he will

be dead-in-water(s) so unfamiliar to him

or the American public: giving  to Iran four

hostages (4 nuclear scientists) and then

leaving three Americans in the Iranian prison

system, a deal proclaiming it is in support

of limiting nuclear proliferation but caves

by providing the people they need for such

enrichment to happen, to get nothing for

this deal is to yield the strength we had and

to show Iran weakness in this means of action…

more inaction than determined by our leaders…

even former Senator Joe Lieberman is not

for this deal, and when France is against it…

is this really what we want to call a deal (?) if

we have gained nothing for what we offer up

so generously… becoming a faceless country-

no Searchlight would be needed to find our

bodies… the light will overtake us in the tunnel

we have created for ourselves, the ovens hot!

To show Islam weakness is to turn into one they see as being unworthy to exist… one to die or to turn to Islam is to want this life more than what you could ever believe or imagine. Can you say heresy to all we say we believe in today? Speak out and help free American Pastor Saeed Abedini. Speak out and say… this is “No deal at all.” This is a Trojan horse un-lubricated!

 After the White House meeting, Sherman said, “I still fear they would be willing to enter a deal that [to them] would be better than no deal at all” – echoing a charge leveled against President Obama not just by other members of Congress but also by French leaders, who are also involved in the Geneva talks.