This program, called,”Lean in,” is designed

to erode the barriers to gender equality,

so change is stated as ‘being less than

comfortable’ but needed, less superiority

but enemies to: the life we’ve known, life

we have or (even) desire… know no such design,

those that attack us (equally) use either of

the genders toward goals we feign and resign,

in Sinjar, Iraq, women can be gifted to an ISIL

fighter, no equality seen here if by Sharia,

there is a somber tone in goal… to be soon

as superior, equality dashed… sand and Mariah,

racial issues in the US flare up… this takes

gender to the back seat, the seat of Rosa Parks

needs our attention (first), higher need to

find equality is superior to pale sex by sparks.

Sandberg represents: who, whom and what agenda… to our loss- superiority of gender as a loss in a world struggling to achieve what we would forfeit. As callous as this sounds (at face value) it is true. If we are to look at the world coming closer to realize it’s truth… the truth of Sharia Law is a banner carried by those becoming the fast approaching majority. Look at the conditionality of equality toward and for women [seen in the advancing of sexual (gender biased) slavery] imposed on those found to be Yazidi. This was also the fate of an American lady, one Kayla Mueller, and we act like we’d rather not remember it! This at a time (even) more controversy turns sparks into flames- see this article from Bangladesh, or this single heart breaking event- compliments of Afghanistan.

Is this the mercy of the followers of Islam?

Is this the mercy of the followers of Islam?

How long will we remain unaffected... or are we already?

How long will we remain unaffected… or are we already?

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