There is no such thing as “a super

patriot… to make one blush,”

this notion of the U.N. being

it [remember Dafur]… go flush

the asinine belief… so secure,

known if there was anything so

respectful it would then endure,

it would not wait ten years or

more, like in Dafur, to then act

but just sit back and do nothing…

not even to cause to react,

and this is being “super patriotic,”

how idiotic a thought is that?

It is not like,”We see a need,

let’s go on it and pass the hat,”

next they’ll go and get control of

the internet [and not fail] this time…

to want all that control [or offer to

help build a temple] to aid the crime.

Do you remember… how just recently, the U.N. attempted to gain control of the internet and was found out, voted down and kept at bay. This type of desire will aid and abet the theocracies that desire control of us all. All one has to do is look at the impact of Shariah Law around the world and how it is causing whole legal systems to cower or be rendered null and void in its path. Look to England and cases in the U.S. that date back to 1978… to see the veracity of this happening- then question the need for such wanton cause… the bread crumbs to ruin.