The group “Black Lives Matter” tells us sweetly…

“Try to speak in the positive… ,” and then this-

#F**kParis.” There is nothing positive or talented,

and it’s left in our sight (Maplethorpe) a cup of piss

the slight of angst driven hate obscures any hope

of ‘true meaning’ or ‘clear eyed’ innovation, fashion

your dreams to this type of creativity and you’ll be

left breathlessly abandoned in the car you’re crashin’,

as seasons come and go, change is the derider of

even our own scorn… the thorns this life can hold,

where we might be found to rise above these storms

is when love is expressed and known to be bold.

[Below is an abstract from their ‘Twitter page… on but one of the articles posted there.]

Black lives Matter wants you to help us imagine a future 

where black folks are seen as the powerful, beautiful, brilliant, 

talented, innovative, resourceful, creative folks that we are. We

  want to know your vision for the future. What are your dreams?

One of my favorite Authors/Poets was Langston Hughes… speaking of: truth, race and pride, and some of his lines (short and sweet) struck home for me- on a very real and personal level. If a poet cannot reach the heart and mind together is when true impact to the efforts we would take, to improve the situation or condition of difficulty we face, then love, as a concern for others (also), will not have a chance to nurture and offer us all the restoration of spring. Brittle twigs have no life in them! Let’s take measures to gain from love… and not succumb to the darkness hate offers us or we would be no better than those we’d be seen opposing.

In a world where one race can say one thing and another cannot… is this not closer to ‘Jim Crow’ than not- a separatist’s dream! If there has ever been a false hope or utopian effort gone wrong… this is it!

Some images for and of Langston Hughes come from here, and this is also posted at ‘Twitter’ as #Seemalicetowardnone.


Free speech comes with a price… perceived or real- and I would rather be found making a mistake in actions I’ve taken, that are still of any redeeming qualities, than actions found to be thought against the expressions of love itself!