Is there more to see of the damage done to party politics…

as it comes down to the shores of reality, the beach we stand?

This is no Normandy here (yet) and sending any of our finest¹

to face sheer numbers incomparable or resentment at hand,

this is the uphill battle, let alone pooh-poohing emails as just

inconsequential to status or importance… REALLY, but a tweet

today can infuse, encourage or dislodge the faithful few left-

is it not alright to come clean, when children and families repeat

the surety of knowledge gained to that which they have made

an impact from, there is no abstraction without a real voice…

a real difference to be made here is if women of color will stand

up to be heard… to force issues of import, life by their choice!

[The information below comes from this link above found here, an article by Imani Gandy, 4-14-15]

According to Maya Harris at the Center for American Progress:

[N]ew research suggests that within this bloc lies a significant opportunity: As their numbers increase and their participation grows, women of color will increasingly have the chance to sway electoral results, influence which candidates run and win, and play a greater role in shaping the policy agenda.

No they wouldn't... read my lips!

No they wouldn’t… read my lips!

Don’t say you didn’t know that political machines of both parties use the numbers crunched to point them where they (could) might gain needed support for their ambitious drives. Today, with a plenitude of resources, the voting public needs to be ever more critical to: what they want for themselves and their families, life to be understood (living is found by breathing) and rights expected come with both pro’s and con’s from our choices.

There is one group of people such as this, women of color, and they will need to fully be engaged to force issues dear to them… or simply be turned aside, to think what is important to them (their children and families) might not be worthy enough to count. I, for one, think they’d be wrong. Thinking this is just a Black or a Brown issue is equally wrong… the number of multiracial people in America is growing. Still thinking ‘Planned Parenthood’ is woman friendly (for rights alone- empowering, the majority thinks so), there are some states that disagree.

Put it all together (here) people... and see things clearly!

Put it all together (here) people… and see things clearly!

1… by sending any of our forces to: train, advise and assist (Iraqi or Syrian troops) is to send a strong and clear message to jihadists– we won’t interfere!

What about County Health offices being used first… before an institution planning on making profits from a bad personal choice- for Woman’s Health?