“The point of philosophy (today) fails us to inspire amelioration or grant fulfillment 1*”©


(*… 1 is from a contemporary perspective, narrative, 2 will be a blend of politics and religiousness, 3 has to do with philology [thoughts on thinking… and the use of philosophy] and current events [the Las Vegas shooting], and 4 will be limited to a Christian perspective only.)


Fallow is shallow
and it defrays life itself
of lasting, Press On!


What good did it do for philosophers to point out things humanity needs, as in past history, when ‘Absurdists’ would mock what prevails in thought or thinking it laughable today? Morals spoken of by Plato and defined by Aristotle now openly mocked, despised or denied credibility or validity; which actually speaks more to the perceptions used than the reality seen on the horizon of humanity. To parse words, actions or expectations about the affect of our own actions and deny the effects on our reality is to literally stick your head in the sands… a variation to,”I will see it only as I want to… or am willing to- or it doesn’t exist”.  An example of such a thing, politically, is just below…



If unwillingness is part the current position philosophers are advocating, in their philosophy of choice (Du jour), we will definitely see more absurdity in present life abounding… being lauded after as a reasonable expectation. All this does is make it that much more absurd and the masses are buying in and stocking up! To hell with the Greeks… give us Caligula! When perceptions can be honed to laser accuracy but dull to discount or slight the panoply of the peripheral or panoramic view we need to live a life inclusive to improvement (concerned with life itself)- we’d squander the opportunity to change the viewpoints we have grown to suffer with and become unfamiliar with regard or foresight (conditioned by/inured) to the damage it can cause.


ab inconvenienti… Latin for ‘from an inconvenient thing’. An argumentum ab inconvenienti is one based on the difficulties involved in pursuing a line of reasoning, and thus a form of appeal to consequences. The phrase refers to the legal principle that an argument from inconvenience has great weight.


Is this to be the future viewpoint of ‘LinkedIn’ as well?


The cartoon comes from this site… https://www.cartoonmovement.com/cartoon/37366 [the cartoonist is Amorim, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil] as we might festoon a cartoon to lampoon absurdity, by showing absurdity for what it has become to the perception of some.



“WriterBeat or Beat a writer for a differing opinion?”©

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Sadly, I cannot post a comment on another’s work, this one, with a comment or from my own work (found here) on (about) the same type of topic. So… let’s see where the cards will fall. Is this not related to ‘antagonist vs. protagonist‘ and truly ‘moral relativism‘ at its worst? If a writer cannot deal with another writer’s opinion on what they’ve written, how can we take them serious on what they write?

I wonder if ‘Whitewater‘ rings a bell or the ‘Shaheen Report’ that was never released?

Images from here.

P.S. I’m a Democrat… one that refuses to vote for Hillary. I cannot trust a ‘Benedict Arnold’ in a skirt. See a shocker here, this writer’s primary reason for my own feelings on her- the secondary reason is the lack of concern for ‘Classified Information’… something I worked with in the US Navy firsthand.

“See malice toward none; with charity for all.”©


The group “Black Lives Matter” tells us sweetly…

“Try to speak in the positive… ,” and then this-

#F**kParis.” There is nothing positive or talented,

and it’s left in our sight (Maplethorpe) a cup of piss

the slight of angst driven hate obscures any hope

of ‘true meaning’ or ‘clear eyed’ innovation, fashion

your dreams to this type of creativity and you’ll be

left breathlessly abandoned in the car you’re crashin’,

as seasons come and go, change is the derider of

even our own scorn… the thorns this life can hold,

where we might be found to rise above these storms

is when love is expressed and known to be bold.

[Below is an abstract from their ‘Twitter page… on but one of the articles posted there.]

Black lives Matter wants you to help us imagine a future 

where black folks are seen as the powerful, beautiful, brilliant, 

talented, innovative, resourceful, creative folks that we are. We

  want to know your vision for the future. What are your dreams?

One of my favorite Authors/Poets was Langston Hughes… speaking of: truth, race and pride, and some of his lines (short and sweet) struck home for me- on a very real and personal level. If a poet cannot reach the heart and mind together is when true impact to the efforts we would take, to improve the situation or condition of difficulty we face, then love, as a concern for others (also), will not have a chance to nurture and offer us all the restoration of spring. Brittle twigs have no life in them! Let’s take measures to gain from love… and not succumb to the darkness hate offers us or we would be no better than those we’d be seen opposing.

In a world where one race can say one thing and another cannot… is this not closer to ‘Jim Crow’ than not- a separatist’s dream! If there has ever been a false hope or utopian effort gone wrong… this is it!

Some images for and of Langston Hughes come from here, and this is also posted at ‘Twitter’ as #Seemalicetowardnone.


Free speech comes with a price… perceived or real- and I would rather be found making a mistake in actions I’ve taken, that are still of any redeeming qualities, than actions found to be thought against the expressions of love itself!




“The sewing needle has no conscience”©

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The tool of the seamstress… the tailor,

has no conscience, no realization of: whom

it pricks, the duration or the depth of the wound.

No power drunk King or the dogs at his feet

linger over the occurrence… and consciousness

becomes no factor when issues so trivial are

brought into public play, the words disregarded.

Whom then is this individual, this collective group

to welcome the thankless ones to their land… and

see those seeking peace to ballyhoo and belly ache

about cultural traditions of their host… the Saxons?

What happened to breathing a sigh of relief, when

relief was offered, and the feelings of being grateful

for not having been killed by their own (radicalized)

people of peace- the ‘headlines’ now left smudged?

Books can be folded but the words, ideas, will never

be erased… never be squandered by latent ruthlessness

or spindled and mangled by openness expressed as

support and slighted by bias, tasting less of raisins.

The drain consumes what sympathy existed yesterday…

the sink will be scrubbed and cleaned to use tomorrow,

and life will go on when choice is fresh to the mind of care.

Must we remain blinded... captives of our own beliefs?

Must we remain blinded… captives of our own beliefs?

How rich are we to become… when the gift of life is given us by grace. Knowing we have had our debt to sin paid (something we could never do on our own) by The only one who could (God Himself… the Word made flesh and the perfect sacrifice) and we are to be ‘thankful.’ The riches of heaven (found by the faithful) are what value this life cannot steal or rob, and moth cannot destroy. Transmutation does happen in this life… just look to the Moth and the Butterfly for proof- one of the daylight and one of the night. Which do you favor… light or night- in the light of day growth occurs and the importance of life is made plain!

Perspective opposed to thankfulness!

Perspective opposed to thankfulness! This is not an Eid prayer.

Image is found here.

“Estranged to exactitude”©

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There is nothing worse than to be

deceived or to be betrayed…

but betrayal only occurs by someone

you know, one close… truth allayed,

no one would realize they were

going to have this happen so,

why would they… as you would trust

those closest to you, those you know:

friends in occupation… people with 

commonality… people safely known,

only to find sure acquaintance no

longer a bond worth what was shown,

this is a time people have no value…

when another person turns traitor,

no longer will any be thought of

so casually… mood the instigator,

logic holds no less distortion of the

truth than to be redefined, changed,

when no matter if to be wrong or

right… reality is then rearranged.


When laws, understandings and beliefs are subjected to changes which alter the meaning they once held is when the new (Neo) philosophies and practices will alienate those that relied on the outdated terms for soundness of reason and practicality… balance to their lives. The new form and mannerism taken to heart will create the imbalance needed to upend the whole of society, as it is known today, and leave us with the resemblance of what was… without the constitution of fairness and sense of wellness all have enjoyed- a time of inequality fast approaches. To act as if nothing has changed or see nothing apparent to the changes then implemented is to live either with denial or pure ignorance to the newness of the reality one lives in… now subject to the whims of the powers that be and the sudden shock to what can happen at any given moment.