When someone is offended to

the Rights one has… by

saying what they believe,

by what right do they then

stand on, what gives them

authority to forcibly remove

and deprive you of your Rights?

As I see it, their Rights DO NOT

begin before yours… DO NOT

remove yours… DO NOT exceed

yours- they have the right:

to sit down, shut-up, stop whining,

grow up or believe what ever the

Hell they want to- as long as Human

Rights exist,  live your way…

and I’ll live mine.

The planet I live on values what you say… but it does not mean you have the Right to directly remove, obstruct or preclude my actions and Rights as being less important than: your hurt feelings, what you might perceive as insensitivity or your liberty you’d demand at the cost of my own. Get over it, grow up… and get a pair. What would you do if someone stood there with a gun to your head… ask for my help? I would because I value life, even your own worthless hide, more than the thought of striping someone of “the Human Rights” we all have… “To Be Universally Protected.”

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Duck Dynasty Support Pose!