“See malice toward none; with charity for all.”©


The group “Black Lives Matter” tells us sweetly…

“Try to speak in the positive… ,” and then this-

#F**kParis.” There is nothing positive or talented,

and it’s left in our sight (Maplethorpe) a cup of piss

the slight of angst driven hate obscures any hope

of ‘true meaning’ or ‘clear eyed’ innovation, fashion

your dreams to this type of creativity and you’ll be

left breathlessly abandoned in the car you’re crashin’,

as seasons come and go, change is the derider of

even our own scorn… the thorns this life can hold,

where we might be found to rise above these storms

is when love is expressed and known to be bold.

[Below is an abstract from their ‘Twitter page… on but one of the articles posted there.]

Black lives Matter wants you to help us imagine a future 

where black folks are seen as the powerful, beautiful, brilliant, 

talented, innovative, resourceful, creative folks that we are. We

  want to know your vision for the future. What are your dreams?

One of my favorite Authors/Poets was Langston Hughes… speaking of: truth, race and pride, and some of his lines (short and sweet) struck home for me- on a very real and personal level. If a poet cannot reach the heart and mind together is when true impact to the efforts we would take, to improve the situation or condition of difficulty we face, then love, as a concern for others (also), will not have a chance to nurture and offer us all the restoration of spring. Brittle twigs have no life in them! Let’s take measures to gain from love… and not succumb to the darkness hate offers us or we would be no better than those we’d be seen opposing.

In a world where one race can say one thing and another cannot… is this not closer to ‘Jim Crow’ than not- a separatist’s dream! If there has ever been a false hope or utopian effort gone wrong… this is it!

Some images for and of Langston Hughes come from here, and this is also posted at ‘Twitter’ as #Seemalicetowardnone.


Free speech comes with a price… perceived or real- and I would rather be found making a mistake in actions I’ve taken, that are still of any redeeming qualities, than actions found to be thought against the expressions of love itself!





“Forced to ‘Lean in” as slavery and racism prevail”©

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This program, called,”Lean in,” is designed

to erode the barriers to gender equality,

so change is stated as ‘being less than

comfortable’ but needed, less superiority

but enemies to: the life we’ve known, life

we have or (even) desire… know no such design,

those that attack us (equally) use either of

the genders toward goals we feign and resign,

in Sinjar, Iraq, women can be gifted to an ISIL

fighter, no equality seen here if by Sharia,

there is a somber tone in goal… to be soon

as superior, equality dashed… sand and Mariah,

racial issues in the US flare up… this takes

gender to the back seat, the seat of Rosa Parks

needs our attention (first), higher need to

find equality is superior to pale sex by sparks.

Sandberg represents: who, whom and what agenda… to our loss- superiority of gender as a loss in a world struggling to achieve what we would forfeit. As callous as this sounds (at face value) it is true. If we are to look at the world coming closer to realize it’s truth… the truth of Sharia Law is a banner carried by those becoming the fast approaching majority. Look at the conditionality of equality toward and for women [seen in the advancing of sexual (gender biased) slavery] imposed on those found to be Yazidi. This was also the fate of an American lady, one Kayla Mueller, and we act like we’d rather not remember it! This at a time (even) more controversy turns sparks into flames- see this article from Bangladesh, or this single heart breaking event- compliments of Afghanistan.

Is this the mercy of the followers of Islam?

Is this the mercy of the followers of Islam?

How long will we remain unaffected... or are we already?

How long will we remain unaffected… or are we already?

Image(s) from here.

“The first audiobook is here! Who we are!”©

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It is one thing to have a book complete but it is another thing (entirely) to have another format (version) available. Here I’m going from a ‘printed format’ to one which will not only engage the ears but the mind, and it is the mind I’m concerned with- for politics affects the mind, body and soul of a people, country and how they view themselves. If the nature of a people can be altered, as much as from being any nationality and becoming American, then it can also be undone in reality (from its original state… here in the US from independence to slavery)- even without realizing any change has occurred. I say free the mind and you’ll free the soul… in this case the soul of a nation which once stood for freedom around the world.

America once stood for freedom… today, with all the ‘political posturing’, I’m not sure if bravado can be maintained with an email, or vision handled in the darkness of our actions. What was once commonplace is not known or even thought about- so I offer material to question,”What do you know of freedom and who do you think you are?”

The audiobook was just released with iTunes and with Amazon, and ‘the hashtag’ gives you a hyperlink through Audible. Please help pass the word along, as I need to feed my rescue animals: hay, birdseed, cat food, dog food and table scraps. Also, a heads up… as Hillary Hawkins has agreed to read (be the narrator for),”From A Greater Hand than mine,” and I’ve asked my friend (Belinda Borradaile… even if this comes with a fee for her valuable time) for help. I’ll need it to accommodate the size change requirements for this project (going from a standard book size to a square image (for the audiobook project) and the placement of the narrator’s name for proper address.


It is time for a press release!

It is time for a press release!

“Lift every voice (y’all) and sing”©


I fail to understand the narrow viewthe lens 

used by myBlack AmericanBrothers and Sisters

in the need to down play what Carson said, when

he compared Obamacare to slavery, the Misters

of media now decrybut not to long ago, MLK Jr.

referenced abortion to slavery of culture and heritage,

so where is the fulcrum to be placed hereto be

understood by one and all, are we still in a birdcage

of thought or should we find we can still sing at all?

Maya Angelou said she knew why the caged bird sings,

it seems we need to find out what she meant from her

heartfrom Martins heart, not just one of those things

one can hold on to forever and (yet) claim to be free,

Yesfreedom comes with a cost but not when ones

views are not listened tohow it looks/sounds to me.

Where is "the Dream" if life would be terminated... and parts placed on the market? Is this really about 'Women's Rights' or just a legal excuse? Is this what some would refer to as heritage?

Where is “the Dream” if life would be terminated… and parts placed on the market? Is this really about ‘Women’s Rights’ or just a legal excuse? Is this what some would refer to as heritage?

To think (currently… as some journalists would lead us to believe) there should be outrage over what Carson said, comparing ‘Obamacare’ and slavery together, and not think one thing about the origins of ‘Planned Parenthood’ and specific goals implied! I guess there is a vacuum to thought… to memory or to exposure of our history, some conveniently used and some left unspeakable- this does nothing but sweep it under the rug… white-washing it [for lack of a better term]. Even ‘Planned Parenthood‘ had at its own beginnings eugenics, to be used to cull the masses of those thought unworthy, and the proof is found here for the looking. You think Halloween is scary… I say believing half-truths and innuendo is far worse than Halloween itself. If you say you value heritage at all, I would recommend reading an article by Clenard Childress… before you set your heart and mind in stone. Since under ‘Obamacare’ we must be forced to support Planned Parenthood… I don’t think Carson is to far off base.

Can this be the history that hurts White America... as much as the heritage of Black America- what can grind the mind?

Can this be the history that hurts White America… as much as the heritage of Black America- what can grind the mind?

“When is substandard to be the benchmark… in US schools?”©

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In Florida, the former Governor’s state…

Jeb Bush, the educational system is broken!

By broken… I mean they would rather teach

with faulty books than hear ‘foul’ spoken,

they’re using books which do not include

christianity or Judaism, just Islam, for use…

this is a slight to: this nation, our principles

and students, history itself… such abuse.

Did you know this Jeb, and if you did, when

would it be OK to disregard religion so?

This gives the unfair… unequal problem

of saying,’indoctrination is OK to know,’

and it sends a very clear message to the

American people, Jeb, you’d not see it equal

(Islam to Judaism to Christianity), not when

our own teachers aid this without sure recall.

Who approved this, can you look into this Jeb?

Who but Dr. Michael Blasewitz to soon blame,

does this man deserve our ire, was the book

just faulty or told to remove it to our shame?

There seems to be a ‘brokenness’ of: agenda promoted, religious indoctrination sanctioned and one religion taught over the exclusion of others- and all this is abetted with US taxpayer money. I think the biggest issue here (other than the obvious) is,”Who is responsible for ordering the books, and to delete information about Judaism and Christianity… to the seclusion of Islam being preferred? If the books were faulty… is this by design or request?

This has raised the hackles of many people and rightly so. There seems to be a disconnect with ‘fair play’ or equality as the “benchmark” to be used here. Since this is being facilitated by school district employees, and having a wide range of exceptional differing opinions, can this be nothing more than the servile means to see our youth be conscripts to Islam- the far reaching impact on our culture as the goal? I bet you never thought you’d see the day this has become in America- this is not the US you or I grew up in or how we did things back then!

To completely separate religion from world history would be inappropriate,” says Dr. Michael Blasewitz. What about separating and isolating one religion taught over the exclusion of all others?

“Thoughts from Steven’s Snow Man”©

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What is known of kindness from

the perspective of man?

Should we say,”Winter is patient,”

or even,”It is Springtime’s plan?”

In the absence of kindness man

can still exist but not live,

to exist is to survival what life

is to living… through meaning we give

to humanity such thoughts, notions

and ideas we’d ponder on- so silly,

as for ‘the mind of winter’ taken

so seriously as to be soon chilly,

ever heard of a benevolent

carnivore? This is Machiavelli…

the dog-eat-dog mentality of our own,

no longer more Stevens or Shelley

but we’d miss out on Stevens meaning…

his excellence of wit and thought,

‘nothing that is not there and the nothing

that is,’ no human misery found or sought.

Stevens, in his work “The Snow Man,” regarded winter for its tranquility… for having the absence of hum-drum activity of man and nature itself. Lines like,”… not to think of any misery in the sound of the wind,” and,”the sound of the land,” then shifting from sound to sight near the end with,”For the listener, who listens in the snow… beholds,” would direct us to thoughts of an absence from misery itself seen in nature’s wonderland. To think on the mind of winter… in this work, simply meant we need to slow down to seek the stillness nature offers us (at times) and marvel in it.

This one poem has been interpreted by many, since it was written, and appears to have drawn as many to critical points of: philosophy, morality, Biblical thought, ontological and epistemological musings. The best representation I’ve read, and seen on the net, with its many variations is found here. The one I agree with most is Beverly Meader- under Section two (#2).

If by argument in favor of Pound’s Modernist teaching… giving way to Imagism and a ‘less is more’ viewpoint, we should attempt to view Steven’s ‘Snow Man’ with a more valued view to ‘the transcendental qualities’ Wallace offers us in this work. Ezra could be brittle in his own condemnation received, seen in,”Cat-piss and porcupines!!,” and an abstract from the sourced link below…

When Ezra Pound first published his ‘Homage to Sextus Propertius’ a Professor of Latin was moved by lines like this—’Nor is it equipped with a frigidaire patent’—to write complaining of Pound’s competence. The reply, beginning ‘Cat-piss and porcupines!!’, seems mild in the circumstances.(10) I promise to respond in like vein to critics who manage to notice all by themselves that there were no tanks in Powys in the 850s.

but leaning more toward Fascism than not (evidenced by his moving to Italy [1924] and was captured/arrested [1945] on charges of treason). It can be stated Pound himself would opt for ‘the thoughtful man’ to understand his writing(s) and might well despise further criticism than need be placed on it for one’s personal reasons. Odd, where he did not find favor with the critics until the fifties, under New Criticism, implying there should be a separation between the Author and the work rather than concern for external or social considerations.*

This picture of Ezra Pound was taken at the Army Disciplinary Training Center after his arrest. Source was http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ezra_Pound

This picture of Ezra Pound was taken at the Army Disciplinary Training Center after his arrest. Source was http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ezra_Pound

You can read Wallace Stevens work,”The Snow Man,” here and even hear it (through poetryfoundation.org)… and form your own conclusions. Since Ezra Pound had a strong influence on Wallace Stevens, also with: T. S. Eliot, Robert Frost, James Joyce and Ernest Hemingway… it must be a foregone conclusion to say,”They might have had a brush against Pound’s own political views once or twice.” Is it also fair to say… they knew Ezra’s mind more than most.

You can also find the image used below at this location.

Which way do you lean... on understanding Wallace Steven's "The Snow Man?"

Which way do you lean… on understanding Wallace Steven’s “The Snow Man?”

*P.S. I also find the use of New Criticism not used to rally in favor of works by LeRoi Jones, Amiri Baraka, especially the work that caused him to lose his Poet Laureate of New Jersey “status” before he died [Oct. 7, 1934- Jan. 9, 2014], with his work entitled,”Somebody Blew Up America.” The minds of critics and the general public can be fickle in their own bias presented… and time causes views to change. In the Fifties we had McCarthyism… at a time when, I would expect, this (New Criticism) became a mechanism to be able to appreciate one poet over another or engage in criticism- without reprisal to association with the Author’s leaning or political bias. A way for Fascism to thrive in the face of freedom; which was masked by intellectualism. I think if a work can stand the test of time itself… by whatever Author, criticism (however valued or not) will continue, and it (the writing) can gain an intrinsic transcendental quality on its own merit.

P.S.S. Little wonder we can see the signs of Fascism thriving today, at: Sporting events (with Corporate Sponsorship), the rise of a growing intolerance for anything Christian (where ‘free will’ and thinking on what we’ve been taught to learn from extends to ‘the Great Commission’)… as Fascism is a growing cooperation between government and Corporations to an unholy status.

“To horizon lost”©

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When by one’s liberty to claim offense to

another’s liberty to express their belief…

the very horizon to liberty is lost, and

what freedoms one had in the past will

erode and dissolve away… the notion of

what liberty was is left a: self centered, hate

oriented, morality hating bigot… the descent

caused by their own ingratitude, to decent

was it to hear the wrongness of doing, or the

liberty taken and assumed to be their own,

or for the sake of vanity to forsake it all-

no balance accessed but pleasure alone.

When but one (1) person can complain against another, even to disparage what they’d say… as if it would change the meaning of what was expressed, as a means to stifle their liberty- the (real) meaning of liberty is then muddled. Such as it is or may be, vanity has no place in an arena called liberty or it becomes ‘libertine’ in nature- a ship without access to its own rudder for direction. To even think this is what liberty is all about is when the very ideal of liberty has been replaced with a construct where rationality is pointless unless it is at the sole discretion of any individual to be bothered by what you’d say- to seek to remove and deprive you of your own individual liberty. Liberty without an absolute guideline, applicable to all, is chaos based and bias shall rue the day. What do you call directionality when no direction is sought? The fish might fall to the lure… but you don’t have to!

Are you that naive (naturally) or just that gullible (easily deceived)?

Are you that naive (naturally) or just that gullible (easily deceived)?

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