“However… “




Don’t people remember some of our history under George W. Bush, with: ‘free speech zones’ making a comeback, torture being used under a Law Professor from Berkeley… John Yoo, or the 168 Democrats that signed on to H.R. 5122 against American values (then and now)? Even with people like: ex-Pres. George W. Bush (who some ’liberals’ are today lauding [amazingly] and seen below), Susan Nossel or Rep. Nancy Pelosi and her ‘Freudian slip,’ also seen below. I’ll bet they don’t remember Cindy Sheehan either! Journalism is better off when: it does not bend to advocacy journalism, incite a continuation of repeated stories fanning the flames of discontent (like they did in Missouri) or fail to tell all the facts… allowing for an intentional or misrepresentation of facts to a desired end- the train of thought stops here mentality. Either we have ‘free speech’ or we do not… the whole country is supposed to be a free speech zone, is it not? Stick to the facts!





When it comes to making claims Trump is wrong on what he is telling us… there is this… where the ‘However’ comes to rest, and quite telling of the bigger picture! Still think Obama is not trying to use his own method of deception or deceit on the American people at large? Guess again! It could be possible Obama might get arrested… see here but be warned [lots of inappropriate images accompany this last article]. Here is to a free press… and public opinion!


[As of March 7th, 2017, it was proven to be nothing more than a hoax… the warrant issued for ex-POTUS Obama’s arrest- much to the lament of this writer’s heart. I am under the opinion he did more against this country than anyone (ever) in the office can possibly imagine.]





Forgotten history!

“Indifference to party goals?”

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Culprit Hillary,
she a UN engineer…
to our deception.


In her glory, an old shot!

In her glory, an old shot!

Just like John to sell us out! Remember 'The Winter Soldier' lie... the Albright Hearings?

Just like John to sell us out, remember the ‘Winter Soldier’ lie or ‘The Albright Hearings?’

%22We know where the WMD's are... North, East, South and West!%22

Thank you Donald Rumsfeld! “We know where the WMD’s are… North, East, South and West!”

[The science of our deception]

If democrats think POTUS Obama or Hillary cared for (applicable) science… look here and see what we got, John Holdren, under Obama and Hillary (Democrats). This ought to make feminists extremely happy.


[The comparative absurdity]

If democrats think oversight of nuclear weapons is more important than POTUS Obama or Hillary knowing the Muslim Brotherhood was involved within: US affairs, the White House, and sought to gain impact to their cause over America and under our noses… they have been deceived to their belief. See what an Egyptian Magazine had to say about it here.


[When a pale of reason renders ‘deplorable’ results]

If democrats think Hillary did go far enough to help America then they need to see the truth of her assisting the OIC, at the UN, help to do away with ‘free speech’… seen here, here and below.

Let’s compare what was called a ‘Woman’s March’ to the truth of our outrage exposed by those against Hillary’s loss of the election… see an article here (and please read the comments too)!


If there is ‘a pale of reason’ then for what reason would a portion of our own people [of my own party… democrats] refuse to accept the truth when they are given it? Could it be they have swallowed the pill and the punch given them from the top down?



“A vital mistake”

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It would be a big mistake thinking
diversity is the cause of our grief,
there is much to be said, the world
over, about difference and true relief
but the truth is not that difference is
the cause, it is indifference the root
and indifference does not see wrong…
has no right to riot, cares just to loot
but would mask their intentions by
being hooligans… laws unrecognized
by the very cultures and people which
have offered them aid, now demonized
to no end… no end in sight, this goes
not unnoticed, so clearly is this seen,
no longer can peacefulness harbor
green thoughts… dying in the scene.

There is one view and many might try to deny the truth of it but there are ‘obedient children’ and ‘disobedient children’ we are dealing with… to realize the difference between the two is at the heart of the problem. Pray that love will come to their hearts or understand why love and peace should be equally yoked.


In the US there is a prevailing thought, and the rest of the world had better wake up to the truth of it. See below for clarification…





With the recent wave of violence (civil disobedience) in Sweden… clearly the Swedes (and some in US media) cannot, or will not, see research has shown almost 60% in Sweden are more concerned than we are being led to believe!

“News… fact or fiction?”


Filter here… filter there but no one wants to
admit what they see is like the blind men…
describing what an elephant really is, as all
six run into something different by it when
they tell their stories, completely missing
the bigger picture of the elephant and then…
make the absurd claim to know the truth!


When the special little people in any of the
political circle jerks1️⃣ are exposed to the light
of social media… their tight little grips on
their beliefs are pressed clearly in our sight,
and what they think is now in the ‘Public
Domain’ but empowers both left and right…
make the absurd claim to know the truth!


Snippets of reality, as through social media,
are to brief to grant us all the bigger view,
they are prisms of thought… a snapshot
of a scenario, a fractal to offer us all by clue
but the smaller truth does not encompass
the picture we see, left us to call it half true…
make the absurd claim to know the truth!


1… yes, the use of this ’term’ brings with it (in the US) a negative connotation but please know it was used due to a reference and comment [in the Guardian] and might be more commonly used there, in the UK- thus desensitized or conditioned; inured.


Can there be nothing more to this than spin or is it spun out of control- oriented to (truly) complete control over what we think about any given subject? Example… ‘the Sweden tweets’ come to bear the full panoply of circumstance, denial and reality vs. expectation. Did you know there are around 50 ‘no-go zones’ in Sweden, areas the police do not even want to enter? See the article here. Then we see news about the US news blackout covering these issues (after the fact), like this one. Now comes ’the tweet heard ‘round the world’ and what happened after. POTUS Trump’s tweet, found here. The cynical reaction by many and Sweden too is here. What came about as a culmination from all this was not entirely to be unexpected, unless you might be referring to: Sweden itself, denial of the peace loving masses (so they claim) or the positions people have placed themselves in so compliantly- pointing to the damage of: lies, half truths, bias and spin when it comes to news (or what can have a direct and lasting impact on our very lives) and what we are told about it. When you step back from any issue you will face, even this one, your perspective will change, wouldn’t you agree?





I’d like to know what the criminologists are smoking, Carl Bildt?


“No assistance”

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We need to disengage, dislodge, ourselves
from the destructive ideas we have been fed
and open our eyes to the tell the difference
between our expectations and truth we’ve wed,
there has been no greater deception than the
one we seen being played out by those spoiled
to believe in the notions and ideals… the dogma
of liberalism vs. the credo the Neo-cons soiled…
since either one was equally extreme, from John
Yoo to Hillary aiding the OIC affecting our ‘Rights’,
like the freedom of speech, beliefs or our ability
to defend these ‘Rights’ declared by bloody fights
of our own, by the Revolutionary War we separated
from England to pursue,”… to bigotry no sanction,
to persecution no assistance,” a quote by George
Washington… yet we succumb to broad definition
without thought to what freedom cost… lives given
to lay down the groundwork of the freedom we had…
so disgusted now are we we’d turn on our own to make
a point about such pointlessness being so-so bad.



Hillary comment!



Political conscripts in thought and action


Divisiveness in Sweden
can be felt here too,
blame Trump the new POTUS…
the left will before it’s through
but it will have been their
own hero… got us in this fix,
just another global cabal
we had thrown in to the mix.


Can the left-wing (extremists) in the US admit they would rather see this country fold… even subjecting the rest of us to share in such absurdity than take pro-active measures to afford citizens (and Veterans) a full chance to pursue happiness defined uniquely different for us all? The ‘core’ problem is currently ‘common core’ curriculum, found in our school systems, and extremist left-wing agenda (even UN underlying intentions) which is espoused there to create a wealth of timorous1️⃣ tumult or prevailing the minds of impressionable and defenseless youth; which is akin to assault in true erudite (academic) form. This is especially true when there is (would be) a conflict of opinion over what is then being foisted upon the student body being taught (rather attempted to be indoctrinated as a mindless conscript by any: Teacher, Professor or Administrative authority promoting their own personal beliefs or choices).


As mindless carelessness engulfs the minds and manners of a country under assault… the loss of legality and concern (by such apathy, ignorance and complacency in place) is usually the first of things to go. Let me cite one example of where ‘rights’ have been violated, excused and even legality is forfeit under these same conditions… as ‘mob rule’ is now the norm- in Sweden. You can also see another article here or here.

1… timorous, showing or suffering from nervousness, fear, or a lack of confidence: “a timorous voice”… Oxford Dictionaries.


United or not?

Are we as ‘United’ as we think we are? I think not… when ‘United’ there are actions taken to benefit ‘a partiality of bias’ involved- we are talking ‘the world’ here and about something as basic to life as ‘Human Rights’ for all! See it for what it is!

“Politics and Joe”

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this image from icycandyhearts.blogspot.com

There is more to Howard Schultz than just the wood of indifference but enough is enough! This image from icycandyhearts.blogspot.com

I’m taking a knee here for Starbucks…
I like coffee but don’t want politics:
shoved down my face if they want
me to purchase their coffee, no bricks
to be used or thrown by anyone… let
alone the CEO, and who decided to
push corporate thought into government
policies thought to be: against you…
or me, no safety or security? Happiness
is determined individually, not collectively,
as this is not a colony state but it is a
Democratic Republic… and phylogenically
‘We’ all rise or fall if we remain divided,
so ‘being’ an ‘American’ may mean many
things to many people, we don’t always
agree with each other, just don’t be whiny!


The 'Race Together' Campaign of Starbuck's... image from this site.

The ‘#Race Together’ Campaign of Starbucks does nothing but draw ire! Do you remember this one and the backlash it caused?


The LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) to all Americans is what makes us special. The freedoms we have enjoyed, even struggled to get… and for those still struggling. Among all these differences… what is not good is when we have become ‘irrelevant’ and do not even see why or when it happened! Do you know when you become irrelevant… do you? See below…




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