“A vital mistake”

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It would be a big mistake thinking
diversity is the cause of our grief,
there is much to be said, the world
over, about difference and true relief
but the truth is not that difference is
the cause, it is indifference the root
and indifference does not see wrong…
has no right to riot, cares just to loot
but would mask their intentions by
being hooligans… laws unrecognized
by the very cultures and people which
have offered them aid, now demonized
to no end… no end in sight, this goes
not unnoticed, so clearly is this seen,
no longer can peacefulness harbor
green thoughts… dying in the scene.

There is one view and many might try to deny the truth of it but there are ‘obedient children’ and ‘disobedient children’ we are dealing with… to realize the difference between the two is at the heart of the problem. Pray that love will come to their hearts or understand why love and peace should be equally yoked.


In the US there is a prevailing thought, and the rest of the world had better wake up to the truth of it. See below for clarification…





With the recent wave of violence (civil disobedience) in Sweden… clearly the Swedes (and some in US media) cannot, or will not, see research has shown almost 60% in Sweden are more concerned than we are being led to believe!

“Firsthand… corruption”©






[Please Note the words Ayaan Hirsi states above… and compare them to the two comments below- to be fair.]


Hillary comment!


Laughter clearly heard
coming from on the world stage…
injustice prevails.

I don’t think US Attorney General Loretta Lynch could tell corruption if she would see corruption face-to-face, much less… step in it.


[Below is an abstract from this article, the words of Attorney General, US Justice Department, Loretta Lynch, speaking in Rome, Italy, Thursday, 10-20-2016]


“I am proud to say that with the help of our domestic and international partners, we are working tirelessly to detect corruption and bring wrongdoers to justice – no matter how powerful the actors, no matter how complex the crimes, and no matter where the crimes take place.”



You couldn’t be any clearer Bill!




“With great regret… a break is required”


It is with deep regret and broken heart, but a sound mind and clarity of vision, I must inform you… I face a need to focus my attention on financial gain before indulging my passions- writing. I’m going to take a needed break from contributing to my Blog, actively, to focus my attention on learning another writing skill, one which will yield a much needed source of revenue. Poets don’t truly make much money… not much at all, and with only a part-time job I need to seek relief from this economic hardship, even if it means taking another job. This leaves me with less time for the moment. I’d like to thank all of you in support of my passion found here. I will return in full force as soon as I can. I’d remind you… there is plenty to read (4 years worth of material) and please get out to vote.


Twenty years of politics as usual... far from it!

This is not a land of eagles when we want to see things… as we want to see things!


Once Shariah came to Irvine, Texas, it was the use of this flag that set off a firestorm of controversy!


Is this the togetherness Hillary desires to share with us?




As for the election, it comes down to Trump (a capitalist) or Hillary (a globalist) and you must reduce it to what will be best (between the two) for the US… or the world closes in on our way of life. If you want more of the world (here) vote for Hillary and know ‘Shariah Law’ is already in place in Irvine, Texas. If you want US protection to exist at all then vote for Trump and we will hope he can undo most of the damage coming from the corruption of politicians prone to lie as much as they can. Look within or be left without a voice. Just my view to what is coming… coming ever closer to you and I?


Keep your ink well full,


Russell D. Holder




“When thought odd is this thing called respect”©

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With reference to ‘this thing called respect,’
to comply with what it means is to ‘show
consideration for’ an individual’s right to
think for themselves… not what they know,
and, in turn, to not intimidate them for what
they believe (though different from you),
for to truly gain respect it must be given
to someone else, not taken, or it’s not true.

ANTONYMS for ‘Respect’: contempt, disrespect, despise, scorn, disregard, disobey


About four years ago… I was removed from an Australian site, one called ‘Red Bubble,’ for [what was classified as] harassment. Below is their ‘Play Nice Policy.’
Redbubble is a respectful, supportive and encouraging community of people who are passionate about art and creativity. Redbubble welcomes artists of all experience levels and from all walks of life. You probably won’t agree with everyone all the time, but we ask that you are mature, respectful and considerate in your interactions with others. If you disagree with something you see on Redbubble, please be mindful that it’s not ok to target other artists, write personal or hurtful comments about them or use them as negative examples¹. Such actions are considered a breach of our community guidelines on acceptable behavior and can result in account closure.


We ask that you respect the rights of others to have different points of view, different artistic tastes and different standards. We encourage artists not to seek out or engage with content you don’t agree with and we expect artists to take steps to avoid conflict. If you see behaviour or content which is in breach of our community guidelines or user agreement, you can flag this with us by using the reporting functions around the site.


Above all, we urge you to make the most of your time here by taking part in activities that energise and inspire you. And offer support and encouragement to other artists. It will help them grow, inspire them to learn new things and create more art. Contribute positively to the community and you’ll find Redbubble is a place where you can make connections, collaborate, learn, share and immerse yourself in the things you’re passionate about.


1… by objecting to what I said… I was made the negative example, and the party complaining said I was harassing her. Under these ‘extreme conditions,’ favoring one side against another, there seems to be a disconnect with understanding the difference between antagonist vs. protagonist; whereby a protagonist is to advocate what antagonist is to hostile. I ask you, in the evidence provided, who is being harassed? All questions asked will be answered.


As a direct result of: disrespect… being directed against me (for my beliefs) and using a ‘back-handed view’ of respect, I was punished by an account closure. I can handle that… even when it meant I: lost control of groups I originated, and could not gain access again- with no consideration coming from what I had done (as a volunteer) for RedBubble itself. What I do resent [the most] is having been denied access to what I would consider my personal ‘Intellectual Property,’ my own writing(s) placed through RedBubble’s own website. I consider this an act of theft… for removing me from what what done by my own hand, efforts of time and labor- just like an art thief but here it is related to literary thoughts and ideas in print.

Since the time of this happening I have never shown the proof I said I had… and this will be disclosed today. To cause an account closure there must be,” two notifications of complaint.” I allege I was unaware of one, information that was sent by email; which means I was aware of the first but not the second. To this day… the second email remains unopened to attest to the validity of the truthfulness of my claim. Furthermore, to cause an ‘account closure’ based on assumption (notification is received… without acknowledgement) is hardly supportive of ‘an open minded community’ RedBubble claims it is and has within it.


P.S. As I’m going in to an old email account (hotmail… the same account RedBubble used to communicate with me before [without confirmation I received it]), I find current communication coming from them to me. I have been under the impression, since June, 2012, with an account closure… and no access to my own material they (RedBubble) had neither any more use for me nor interest in me. This is when I started writing with WordPress… June, 2012. True, I had no more interest there (personally… with RedBubble) if I could not: participate, contribute or offer encouragement and support to or for the many artists and writers within the groups I knew of or created myself. I now find it very insulting (offending) to think RedBubble has continued to send me emails throughout this four year period of my life. If they truly are a supportive group of creative people, then let them please: send my poetry back to me, allow me a limited time to regain my lost writing or reopen the account that was closed… with the same degree of access (my writing then available again… to me) I had before. I’m sure, with a worldwide reach, they have not wiped it out- this is my hope… without animosity. This is a viewpoint with ‘respect’ for all of the creatives still there… the ones I call friends and the ones I did not (yet) know.

P.S.S. I did not (originally) respond to assumptions or assertions made (generally in the later part) which seemed to convey a one sided view or bias to a truth: believed, thought or presumed to be true. I can only add this… when general statements about people in general are assumed to be taken personally (meaning: if it is perceived there is or has been an attack to one’s self with no regard to their feelings) is when communication would cease (among reasonable people), a wall would be built and respect for difference emerges to render nothing more than a thinly veiled veneer of courtesy- a superficial ‘with all due respect’ found in behavior and probity.

“I don’t believe there’s anything cosmic or divine or morally superior about whales and dolphins or sharks or trees, but I do think that everything that lives is holy and somehow integrated; and on cloudy days I suspect that these extraordinary phenomena, and the hundreds of tiny, modest versions no one hears about, are an ocean, an earth, a Creator, something shaking us by the collar, demanding our attention, our fear, our vigilance, our respect, our help.”
Tim Winton– A Coastal Memoir

This is why this all took place on an Australian based website, with consideration to who might have complained (likely) coming from one among the groups also protected and listed here [within the groups protected by and with the U.D.H.R., Universal Declaration of Human Rights] or from what actually constitutes harassment– oddly enough.

Harassment can be defined: belittling words intended to be intimidating or humiliating, and multiple repeated text messages (includes e-mails) that torment(s) or offend(s) someone.

“What change?”©

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Bill calls Hillary,”a change maker,”
ask Chris¹… the Ambassador she
left behind- in Tripoli.

Hillary says we can do it ‘together,’
ask the Native Americans Indians²
that walked out on her at the DNC…
and why!

Hillary’s emails³ speak for themselves,
to gain power or to deny the power of:
the words, the omission or commission
of them and there intent.

1942 propaganda slogan

A 1942 propaganda poster… and could be used today!

1… Christopher Stevens, the US Ambassador that was left behind.

2… Native Americans (see the video below) and ‘Code Talkers’, you can’t just wave a copy of the US Constitution here… or to the memory of American Japanese interned themselves or their sons of the 442nd Infantry Regiment.

3… overtly lying to the American people, collusion in the DNC (and election fraud) and clear signs of overt bias to one over a strong ally in this country’s past besmirches the memories of any that wore a uniform and died for this very country.


Signs that are present amid Hillary’s run for the Presidency include: lying to the American people, conspiracy with those in the DNC toward ‘election fraud’ and ‘election tampering,’ and using the memory of a Muslim military man, who died for his country. When the US Constitution was waved, by the Father, at the convention, all liberties held sacred by the American people were politicized (by Hillary too) regardless of the beliefs held in honor. Doesn’t Mr. Khan realize he is being used, and in turn… he is using his son’s memory, for a political agenda- not even his own (if he is to understand the US Constitution he would wave against another).

WARNING: The link directly below contains some images that could be (strongly)considered unflattering to women [at best] and more than suggestive [at worse]. It is due to this fact I’ll not include it here (as a hyper-link), and you must look for it on your own here…


[Coming from the New York Post… ‘Clinton Cash’]

Key players in a main component of the reset — a Moscow-based Silicon Valley-styled campus for developing biomed, space, nuclear and IT technologies called “Skolkovo” — poured tens of millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation, the report by journalist Peter Schweizer alleges.

[Coming from newsweek.com this abstract below]

The stridence of the anti-Clinton sentiment in Cleveland goes beyond the “Lock her up!” slogan. During the first day, some at the convention wore mock campaign shirts that read “Hillary for prison 2016.” Aerial banner ads called for Clinton’s imprisonment as well, and later that day, Patricia Smith, a mother of a victim of the Benghazi attack, blamed Clinton personally for the death of her son.

Furthermore, if you can remember ‘freedom fries’ and ‘free speech zone’ then you can begin to understand the impact of what happened to the Dixie Chicks… using their choice of free speech- just how it can be used politically. Even General Colin Powell apologized to us, as Americans, an ex-Sec. of State… and a former CIA Official apologizes as well. This is the only thing this Veteran is proud of McCain saying (seen here) for I have not seen anything good come from him prior to seeing his comment on Hillary- one clear view found here… see for yourself! When will we realize the game is being played on us? Anyone can be used… to advance one cause over another: a General, Captain or a grieving Father!

Crooked Hillary and the togetherness she gives us… as Americans- take a look (peek) if you’d dare to discover the truth of her open intentions.

The kiss of betrayal

The kiss of betrayal!

the Hillary wink

“A new eStore is on the horizon… ‘InkedVo’ is coming soon!”©

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As you are well aware here, of my failed attempt of having the first eStore up and running (Inkedvocabulary.com™) my second go-round will be more inclusive and uplifting. My store name will be called “InkedVo” but I’m going to keep the Inkedvocabulary.com™ as my brand name only- this will not be a website or dot-com to run to. I’m setting things in place to have ‘Etsy’ as but one location… here I’ll be able to sell my designs on and will include: messages to uplift the spirit, sources of laughter, a viewpoint to raise awareness to something important or see things differently than you did a moment ago.

I’m going to keep you posted here but intend on being able to sell my eBooks (in a digital download), clothing and apparel… mugs, carrying bags- merchandise of a notable interest. InkedVo will be soon upon us… and heart to heart.


Check me out (so far) at the link here.

This is my trademark only (not a website) and renamed ‘InkedVo.’

“Isn’t your Mom the most important consumer in the world?”©

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What does this image say about ‘health and wellness?’

[Below is a comment, one found deleted (twice now) by Professor Towson, on this article.]

Pew Research on the Chinese economy,10/10/2014, below¹, indicate all is not as rosy as most would think it is- the largest factor influencing world opinion is found in the sheer numbers of people living there and their choices made by purchasing power.

Health concerns due to air pollution² have been rising in Beijing (just look to the bottom reference for PM2.5 [fine particulate matter that is 2.5 microns or less] being more than 110) but, in contrast, the PM2.5 reading was 9.8 in New York and 10.8 in Phoenix. Add to this China’s Human Rights Record³ and you now have a volatile mix beyond concerns of corruption and Communist mandates- the snap back to reality.

If there is a reality-check for anyone finding value from being a woman in China, without referring to the gender disparities in wages⁴ or the gender ratio of men to women⁵ , paint us a good picture and don’t use the crayons provided by the CFR or the United Nations.

1… http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2014/10/10/chinas-government-may-be-communist-but-its-people-embrace-capitalism/

2… http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2013/10/22/as-china-coughs-and-chokes-public-concern-about-air-pollution-rises/

3… http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2013/10/22/tough-questions-ahead-for-china-on-its-treatment-of-citizens/

4… http://www.ilo.org/wcmsp5/groups/public/—asia/—ro-bangkok/documents/publication/wcms_371375.pdf

5… http://www.rfa.org/english/news/china/gender-01222015125826.html

[P.S. This was never intended to be viewed as ‘a hit piece’ comment (what is provided here is not to be taken personally but it is the ‘flip side of the coin’ concerning topics within the article) Professor Towson, as I bear no malice toward you. The notion(s) expressed in the information, especially regarding health and wellness seem askew… more in line with a desired perception than the reality of everything faced by the women of China. I, for one, do not see Chinese moms as ‘more focused’ on health and wellness… than who?]

P.S.S. I also disagree with the ‘title’ for this piece of writing,”Why Chinese Moms Are the World’s Most Important Consumers.” As a statement (alone… slighting Mothers from every other country) it could be misleading, as corporations scramble to find their open hands below the numerical preponderance of Chinese pockets they’d have access to, but as surely as the rising sun is revered in Japan… as world economies decline further into the abyss Chinese growth will be affected. If the US was to default on their debt with China (or decline to pay) this would start the marching to the other side of the continent mentioned in Biblical prophecy; ergo, the title seems a bit contrived and ephemeral.

Image(s) from here.

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