We need to disengage, dislodge, ourselves
from the destructive ideas we have been fed
and open our eyes to the tell the difference
between our expectations and truth we’ve wed,
there has been no greater deception than the
one we seen being played out by those spoiled
to believe in the notions and ideals… the dogma
of liberalism vs. the credo the Neo-cons soiled…
since either one was equally extreme, from John
Yoo to Hillary aiding the OIC affecting our ‘Rights’,
like the freedom of speech, beliefs or our ability
to defend these ‘Rights’ declared by bloody fights
of our own, by the Revolutionary War we separated
from England to pursue,”… to bigotry no sanction,
to persecution no assistance,” a quote by George
Washington… yet we succumb to broad definition
without thought to what freedom cost… lives given
to lay down the groundwork of the freedom we had…
so disgusted now are we we’d turn on our own to make
a point about such pointlessness being so-so bad.



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