Divisiveness in Sweden
can be felt here too,
blame Trump the new POTUS…
the left will before it’s through
but it will have been their
own hero… got us in this fix,
just another global cabal
we had thrown in to the mix.


Can the left-wing (extremists) in the US admit they would rather see this country fold… even subjecting the rest of us to share in such absurdity than take pro-active measures to afford citizens (and Veterans) a full chance to pursue happiness defined uniquely different for us all? The ‘core’ problem is currently ‘common core’ curriculum, found in our school systems, and extremist left-wing agenda (even UN underlying intentions) which is espoused there to create a wealth of timorous1️⃣ tumult or prevailing the minds of impressionable and defenseless youth; which is akin to assault in true erudite (academic) form. This is especially true when there is (would be) a conflict of opinion over what is then being foisted upon the student body being taught (rather attempted to be indoctrinated as a mindless conscript by any: Teacher, Professor or Administrative authority promoting their own personal beliefs or choices).


As mindless carelessness engulfs the minds and manners of a country under assault… the loss of legality and concern (by such apathy, ignorance and complacency in place) is usually the first of things to go. Let me cite one example of where ‘rights’ have been violated, excused and even legality is forfeit under these same conditions… as ‘mob rule’ is now the norm- in Sweden. You can also see another article here or here.

1… timorous, showing or suffering from nervousness, fear, or a lack of confidence: “a timorous voice”… Oxford Dictionaries.


United or not?

Are we as ‘United’ as we think we are? I think not… when ‘United’ there are actions taken to benefit ‘a partiality of bias’ involved- we are talking ‘the world’ here and about something as basic to life as ‘Human Rights’ for all! See it for what it is!