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There is more to Howard Schultz than just the wood of indifference but enough is enough! This image from

I’m taking a knee here for Starbucks…
I like coffee but don’t want politics:
shoved down my face if they want
me to purchase their coffee, no bricks
to be used or thrown by anyone… let
alone the CEO, and who decided to
push corporate thought into government
policies thought to be: against you…
or me, no safety or security? Happiness
is determined individually, not collectively,
as this is not a colony state but it is a
Democratic Republic… and phylogenically
‘We’ all rise or fall if we remain divided,
so ‘being’ an ‘American’ may mean many
things to many people, we don’t always
agree with each other, just don’t be whiny!


The 'Race Together' Campaign of Starbuck's... image from this site.

The ‘#Race Together’ Campaign of Starbucks does nothing but draw ire! Do you remember this one and the backlash it caused?


The LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) to all Americans is what makes us special. The freedoms we have enjoyed, even struggled to get… and for those still struggling. Among all these differences… what is not good is when we have become ‘irrelevant’ and do not even see why or when it happened! Do you know when you become irrelevant… do you? See below…