The Sons of Light vs. the Sons of Darkness…
spoken of in the ‘War Scroll’ from the Dead Sea,
when God spoke in the past it was for (then) the
present and future tense, almighty sight for me
too, as this is not just affecting one branch of the
family here only, throughout time, now the present…
this is how it will also affect and have its effects
felt during the apocalypse and what men resent.
So what is it that man resents… man resents the
notion there is someone or something more to so
acknowledge than the self, the selfishness will be
denied (the sinful thoughts) by those of light to grow,
this is the war which faces us today, for do we not
see stronger push-back… to use aggressive force
when the ‘God of light’ is spoken about, and this
abuse of tolerance is then intolerant… of course
but would pose as though such bias does not exist,
this is the open bare naked lie of ‘Darkness’ itself
and will do nothing more than just seek to quell…
to silence… to stifle and manage bias as wealth,
far from the ruins of Greco-Roman thought is
This building to stand alone, unimpeded as long
as the lie it is based on is unchallenged… and
remains intact in the bowels of the mind’s song
that tries to be louder than ‘a Silent Night’ of life,
‘The Amazing Grace’ given vs. a storm cloud taking…
this is not what we would want to call idyllic but the
start of the finish for mankind, no longer to be faking
an active interest in peaceful gain, the Sons of Light
are the very last wave of people knowing what love
does for its own and to its continuation of existence.
Do you know what side you’re on… for God above?





While we were not even thinking about the UN… he was (now the ex-POTUS) and why no one spoke up about the numerous violations under his watch is treasonous- like this one (leading to his own bias and concerns). Little wonder he did what he did against Israel! We need to throw the UN off American soil… my opinion here, and we’d be better off for doing it. Let those upset by the Presidential change act up… give them a chance to be known and they’d scream out for their way like spoiled children. I left home at 15 years old… some of these guys can’t afford to leave home or don’t want to- a parental Mommy-state.



This work is inspired by “The War Scroll,’ one of the Dead Sea Scrolls (most is intact) and speaking of a Messianic prophecy to come. Are you ready… ready or not it comes!