Before leaving the Oval Office, at the the White House,
the lame-duck of a President would fill our stockings…
so that we might cower in the thought of 15 to 25
percent of the Muslims we’d see do their stalkings,
If it is true 15 to 25 percent of Muslims are extremists
then exactly what amount of the imported are ready
to exact extremist views, to do the dirty work like the
suicide squads they really are… lose your own heady
in the details of such a Christmas gift, a UN un-care
Package slighting our borders capacity to its chore…
a seasonal mix of mistletoe and gunpowder, just like in
Florida… the Pulse, license to act on hate some more.




Just when America thinks it has seen the last of the underhandedness coming from in the White House, a whiff of this is like ‘smelling salts’ to someone thinking everything has been rosy indeed. If ‘homegrown terrorists’ aren’t bad enough to curl your toes… do you think you’d sooner forget what happened in San Bernardino too? Compliments of your friendly neighborhood peace-loving POTUS Obama.