Tell me… tell me do,
how we will do it together?
If you ‘lie’ right now…
it’s true, you offer me a tether!
So how true is your word
when you keep up the facade,
the veneer of a solid front…
nothing is behind it, charade!
Let’s extol your acclaim…
you’ve sought but by name;
which knows neither virtue
or honor, just vice and shame.




What is telling… about a: person, city, state, country or nation more than illegitimate or illegal practices condoned, sanctioned or left overlooked and (simply) ignored? I would think there would be sound reason to say,”The rule of law has left the land.” There would then be nothing more than a ‘state of lawlessness‘ being welcomed in… a time when Godlessness would be promoted over goodness, and hale without a voice is left hollow- nothing but a husk of what is thought to be goodness itself. Is this where the US is today, where we would accept one running for President despite the ‘skirting’ of credibility to the laws we have in place being (clearly) violated? Where we would strip US citizens of their right to bear arms (as they did in Australia) before enforcing the existing laws we (already) have on the books?








Twenty years of politics as usual... far from it!

This is not a land of eagles when we want to see things… as we want to see things!


Zachariah 8:16
16 These are the things you are to do: Speak the truth to each other, and render true and sound judgment in your courts;


Oh… if only this was being done today, in the United States, but (sadly) it is not. God is more than the demands He would state for His own but He is loving toward those willing to follow His directives by choosing to… then led by their willingness of faith and task to His will- directed to go as He sees fitting for all of us. Are we not all fallen… from back in the beginning, and to learn that none of us is good in what we do without Him? We are not sinners because we sin but sin because we’re sinners… each and everyone of us!


As to how Israel viewed Judicial Law, where the US has derived at its own (and other Western cultures as well)… stemming from theirs, is a very brief abstract from this link below.


This was the form of Divine law which, under the dominion of God, as the Supreme Magistrate, directed the policy of the Jewish nation, and hence, was binding only on them, not on other peoples.




John 14:23
23 Jesus replied, “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.

Cross check and notes of reference:
• 37 14:23 – S ver 15
• 38 14:23 – S Ro 8:10 ; 1Jn 2:24 ; Rev 3:20


Please remember two things, it was ex-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton (and at President Obama’s request) that aided the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) to pass UN Resolution 16/18. Even though it comes with a warm-and-fuzzy title (Human Rights Council Resolution) it exceeds the mandate of ‘The UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights)’ to include: white washing of truth, omission of facts, altering evidence of (possible) wrong doing and evading detection of allegiance to the US… as she herself has already done. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it looks similar enough (so close) to say it (might not be?) is true… for her actions tell me a different message than the strength her own words might bear and yield. I give you the email scandal and FBI Director Comey (a complicit agent enabling her disregard for US Law) as the merest examples of this veracity to point to- Hillary’s get-out-of-jail-free-card and a means to be ‘freed from blame’… exculpatory actions.


The second, due to Bill Clinton’s connection (including The Clinton Foundation)… appointed UN Special Envoy to Haiti in 2009, there is and has been questions of global impact (in a negative way) to: aid offered (contaminated trailers are mentioned in this article… link above), money being used or taken (despite Haiti having a differing currency than ours; which means banking would be needed to convert large amounts of cash) and not listed in taxes paid by The Clinton Foundation, and aid offered through the UN (to date) has actually done more harm than good.


Healthcare or far worse?

Health Care or far worse? One example of aid gone wrong or wrong passed off as being right? Some togetherness people… is this what she really meant- going global!

P.S. The subject of ‘we, our and us‘ will be the next topic for discussion and indulged on at length- at my Christian blog here! Please go out and vote… and vote with due diligence- to actually have concern for ‘yourself and your fellow Americans.’


How important are these 'Basic Rights' to you?

Please keep in mind, with ‘Human Rights’ it is illegal to: kill, harm, maim, insult, assail, harass or put down another for what they believe or espouse. Under Shariah it is required!