[The Presidential debate, streamed live on Sept. 26th, 2016, with Lester Holt, from Hofstra University- seen below… ]



Let’s see: more of the Bush-Obama Agenda (we can’t afford ‘Blackwater [open market purchase]’ any more), support for ‘Planned Parenthood [forced abortion]’ without choice, borrowing from China to pay for the war effort, NAFTA [set up by Bush Sr. and signed in by Bill Clinton] came without a vote (sound familiar?), President Obama denigrates Christianity and would elevate Islam (in a speech at the UN and at the National Prayer Breakfast) as Hillary would defend him and her view becomes quite clear- they are the same, or they have the same advisors, or they believe the same… Muslim! Did you know Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are the same, look here for proof?



In all fairness, extended to the President here, his words were altered (I discovered) to appear as they do in the picture but look to the National Prayer Breakfast or the UN links above to see how he (really) feels about it!


As to the words placed on the picture, I found this on Snopes and will place it here with a link to provide clarity to: context, intent and meaning.




This is a kiss-of-betrayal… against the US!


Do you think she changed?


Not once did ex-Sec. of State Hillary Clinton get called out on being a Muslim! Can you imagine that… even after it being discovered April 18th, 2014, along with the Rhodes Memo, the fabricated (concocted) statement Hillary issued on the evening of the ‘Benghazi attack (blaming inflammatory material posted on the internet)’ and the attack being started by protesters. See an article on it here. So this was worth the loss of American lives… all to cover up: no protestors were present before the attack (top military officials in Stuttgart, Germany [Africom headquarters] watched live feed from a Predator drone), Hillary denied connection with Muslim Brotherhood but is a part of it- see another article here. To bring up being stiffed… when Hillary (The President and the State Department) ‘stiff-armed’ the: Public, government and truth about Benghazi- denial does nothing to aid the omission of what really happened and her version of what happened conflicts with what was discovered. In trying to blame Trump in his advocating for the Libyan attack [1:14:09 into the Presidential debate], as if to say she was only doing as he would have wanted her to do, she tells us of her own involvement indirectly (and subconsciously). If she was merely telling it like it was… this would not require the need for a cover-up, would it? If she was: directly involved, supported the efforts of the attackers or had inside information… then there would be a clear need to distance herself from it. If she is not (now) considered a part of the effort there is no lucid reason to attempt to defend President Obama from the claim he is Muslim, is there? [Please Note: taxes were first disclosed under Nixon… the effort did not serve him well, to show he was transparent and squeaky cleanhe wasn’t!]





This is in the speech he gave at the UN Assembly.


You can listen (by choice) to the audio tapes that came out (exposed by The Washington Times) at the link here.

CNN also caught: altering, changing, spinning or distorting information passed off as news (or news worthy)… with a clear-eyed view to the bias main-stream media has to promote Hillary- imagine that!



Little wonder Brit Hume calls Hillary less than attractive, stated after the debate.



This is a move to save their hide but not their souls!

How about believing Louis Farrakhan would defend Donald Trump? See below for yourself…



or what is (NOW) in place in the smart State of Texas, Shariah Law and a Tribunal Council in Irvine, Texas. See below…



See what is being done (by some) in England, London buses now carry ‘glory to allah’ advertisements… and a dignified outrage by some citizens over the spread of ‘Shariah’ in Britain.





Now in London Christianity is all-back-of-the-bus!


To top it all off is the same reaction (one of dismay) by CNN News Journalist, specifically… one Brooke Baldwin, caught in the headlights of truth. This should be the same reaction coming from half the country- shock!




this does not speak to ethnocentrism, it speaks of a goal… a means to reach for supremacy.


Unfortunately, this is one of those things where you shouldn’t rely on an opinion of another to reach a conclusion for yourself!