In the wrong hands we’d wring our own…
thinking we helped them in their quest,
and the quest, it seems, is to put in place
their laws over ours… then seen as best,
this is, as they would consider it to be, ‘the
Kingdom of god’ now, this is not a test…
as this has been the goal all along.

In the right hands, still a man, is when we see
absolute power corrupts absolutely… so true,
and no matter how peaceful the effort is seen-
then the goal is realized… US to be through,
so then just how easy is this sooner done, to
be soon accomplished, turncoats tried and blue…
as this has been the goal all along.

Do you remember the DNC and a real flag…
there wasn’t one (or more) until sound outcry,
how about the Palestinian Flag, but a tempered
response to solid an outcome, Oh they’ll try
but the Bible tells us they will win (briefly) and
will be smashed for disobedience- decry and deny
as this has been the goal all along.


To alter the perception of what actually happened in the Benghazi attacks vs. what they told us had happened (and why) is part and parcel to why many in this country do not: like, trust or respond well to the likes of ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. To compound the feelings of mistrust all one has to think of is email, ‘Classified Documents’ and how she overlooks her husbands behavior toward other women. If you could ask Cristy Zercher how she feels about what she went through, I’m sure you’d have a more poignant view. Just when you thought the (alleged) scandals weren’t enough… this story surfaces, and you wonder why Trump says it like he does.


If Hillary was running for President to be a champion for everyday Americans… why did she turn her back on our way of life and seek to promote ‘Shariah Law’ with her own choice of action. See what I mean in the videos below…

Hillary comment!



Hillary is upset about Trump not slamming a questioner about Pres. Obama being a Muslim. If President Obama is not a Muslim… why did he say what he did at the UN?








The American Thinker link on Shariah and another source to fully grasp (to comprehend) how Shariah will work– viewed as being above US Law.

Some images can be found here.




Is there more to the Hamas connection with the Muslim Brotherhood… or are they both the same thing? One article spells it out here!