What happened to Hillary on 9-11, 2016, as some say she was overheated. I hope you’ll remember Romney’s 47% comment as you think about Hillary’s 50%… the ‘Basket of Deplorables‘ she thinks 1/4 of Americans are. Just what demographics is she using… if she thinks this about 1/4th of the entire country? This has me overheated (hot-under-the-collar)!




Have you ever heard of ‘Scholars for 9-11 Truth‘… if you haven’t: it should not be thought pretentious to share it with you, I do not believe ignorance (a failure to inform or enable) is reason enough for me not to tell you or to censure (express severe disapproval) anyone for my own opinions and beliefs, or to be so bold/ludicrous as to tell you either there is no such thing as a conspiracy or everything is a conspiracy. Even science tells one to ‘follow the facts to a conclusion’… not simply an opinion, guess or preconceived notion.


Suffice it to say (in layman’s terms), there exists clear evidence, published in The Environmentalist (March 2009, Volume 29, Issue 1, pp 56-63), of the presence of PM [Particulate Matter] at GZ, or from the debris pile of GZ, from: thermite, Benzene, Styrene, and other VOC’s (volatile organic chemicals). The EPA monitored these emissions and found the maximum rate in November (2001): Benzene PM to be 180,000 ppb (breathing levels at 100 ppb are known to cause leukemia), Styrene in excess of 150,000 ppb and VOC’s at levels thousands of times higher than other structural fires.


See Dr. Steven E. Jones below…






Other articles of interest (most on 9-11) for you to scrutinize. Just pick from the link found here.

There are more people affected now… with various cancers among ‘First Responders’ than previously assumed or believed. See this link, with information from the CDC. According to the article, by Laura Ly [CNN], see below an abstract…
People enrolled in the program have been diagnosed with 6,378 separate cancers, indicating that several people have been afflicted with more than one type of cancer linked to 9/11. Many of the cancer diagnoses are believed to have resulted from exposure to known and suspected carcinogens and pollutants after the attacks.


This appears to be the (proverbial) tip of the looming iceberg and a situation swiftly becoming worse as time goes on! There should be public outrage over the Congressional failure to allow the 9-11 Cancer Fund to lapse… be treated as if they are of no concern to: America, her people or what it means [embodies] to care for our own.



When people have said anything about there being a (possible) conspiracy¹… prior to this article, one need only look at these two images seen below this comment and wonder. If you do not get a raised eyebrow (in the very least) or ask yourself,”How could this be?”, then just go on thinking ‘the official story is true’ and there is nothing more to this than meets the eye!





Why was this found on our money, and the bills taken out of circulation (proof removed)? If we see proof on our own money… does this place some of the blame (responsibility) for this horrific act on some within our own government?


1… conspiracy: A secret plan/plot/agreement by a group to do something unlawful or (even) harmful.



There was a ‘Poet Laureate’ affected also, Amiri Baraka [Poet Laureate of the State of New Jersey], who had his status as New Jersey Poet Laureate removed before his death… for something he wrote about 9-11. Amiri Baraka (10/07/1934-01/09/2014), formerly known as LeRoi Jones, wrote the controversial poem,”Someone blew up America.” See it in the video below…






This is one I wrote post 9-11, and is p. 1 in my audiobook or Kindle version,”Of eagles and ostriches,” and you can read it below…





Have you ever heard of PNAC [the missing link] (Project for the New American Century), funny thing about this is it is from the very people we gave our trust to… making us then complicit to the values and actions they took. Here is a full PDF on the mission of ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses,’ written by Paul Wolfowitz. If you will look at this stuff ‘open-minded’ and not shake it off like a goat… see if this link is by a ‘whack-a-doodle’ or not.
Since (in large part) President Obama has continued policies put in place by President Bush… it is plausible to expect a continuation of these same plans by another Democrat- mainly Hillary.
“This process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event- like a new Pearl Harbor.”

Some of the (very) notable signatories found in PNAC (seen below) are still some what politically active today. See an incomplete listing of but some of its most well known below…



Three of the missing members on this list include William Kristol, Richard Perle and Charles Krauthammer.


Yes this country was catalyzed… remember all the flags flying in support of the USA?

There were even changes made to license plates due to 9-11, see below…




I’d like to ask you one last question… if everything was above board, meaning we were really attacked liked they said we were, why the need to place a ‘Presidential Seal’ on the information about it? Things that make me go Hmmmm!




Images on 9-11 are from here, here, here and here (or are my own).