[Dustin Moskovitz (co-founder of Facebook) gives $20 million to beat Trump. I guess he hasn’t understood anything about UN Resolution 16/18… that Hillary is in bed with the OIC, and Shariah Law will be in place in the US if she has anything to do with it. She is a ‘Benedict Arnold in a skirt’, and we know because President Obama and her are both cut from the same cloth.]




The kiss of betrayal

The winter of our discontent“©

What do capitalists fear from another capitalist?
Do they think this is the biggest worry beating
our shores… the shoreline looks pretty damn
wide open, to those who afford the cheating…
not having a conscious thought to slight their
sleep, no worry when you act like Jane Fonda,
and even she got ‘Woman of the Year’, although
derided for being a traitor by POW’s, the lemma
denouncing fealty, fidelity to Country and those
serving in her name,”Freedom” once recognized
as something one should cherish… but instead
it gives rise to those who’d spit on you, realized
when you see actions taken against the people
and ways we have: lived and died for forsaken,
deceit is used and offered up as goodness, and
forfeiture of office denounced… submit unforgiven.




Don’t people get what happened in Florida, at the Pulse, was not a fluke. This is what Islam thinks about gays, male or female, and if Hillary is elected… what one might expect from it. This will come to fruition with Shariah in her hip pocket, special thanks to her aiding the OIC with UN Resolution 16/18… if you think you will be able to speak out about it then! I guess it is possible (though not plausible) that people have forgotten: while grazing on individual concerns, dining at the corporate through or enjoying what luxuries most Americans simply dream about still.


[Please note… you have a choice with Christianity but the choice is yours. You will not have a choice with what is done under a theocracy (in layman’s terms- the kingdom of god) as it is thought to be by those in Iran today.]


W.E.B. DuBois Quote!