the Hillary wink


Sorry Army
sorry country,
No… this is not
said coventry!
Sorry BLM…
not of ground
but disrespect,
OOPS… unsound,
Sorry America…
sooner to divide,
makes it easier so
apartheid can ride,
embolden our own
mistakes of past…
sure to continue
and hold it fast.
On the race issues, I can firmly agree with Morgan Freeman, the more we make it an issue (thank you dim bulbs of the media) is to aid the destabilization these very issues create… and deepens the chasm between all involved. We are after all ‘Americans first.’ #thecolorofamericaisamerican


The year ago OOPS… with Black Lives Matter, and she wants ‘YOUR’ vote. The silence from the Black Caucus speaks volumes.

This is a good place to start and thank you Morgan Freeman… to avoid the (growingness of an) OOPS!

Are you sensing a pattern here or did we lose the ability to connect the dots… losing our ability to see each other as having common ground to stand on. We don’t need to change the system, or our laws, but we need to regain what it means to respect our system of laws, and each other, by ensuring the laws are dutifully followed and adhered to. This ethic came, historically, through mutual respect when equality is sought… damn our mistakes (we all make them) and strive to make it better for those that follow our path or strive for their own. I may not look like you but appearance is to vanity what impediments are to (perceived) limitations. We will face an enemy in our future that likes it when we play his game- to divide and conquer. You need me and I need you… for I cannot face an enemy so determined without you at my side- to stand as one again. This election leaves us with a Capitalist or a Globalist- one American and one citizen of the world. Does the world care for you… or me, I think not! Let us be proud of our flag once more… can you feel me? When we continue to bicker (or worse) about the petty things mole hills turn into mountains, lost then is our sense of what it means (for all of us) to be and have our part in our quilted history.

Police… they need to police themselves or be seen as nothing more than instruments of tyranny. Americans are we all and we all are Americans first.

Hillary and contempt!