Can we expect justice… when one is not charged
over another, having served this country or not?
Is it not fair when difference is observed to facts
alleged vs. facts known… web of lies we’ve bought!
Say it’s not true, in America, when conventions are
ratified to exclude ‘vox populi¹’ or the general public…
there would then be a ‘short circuit’ to any democracy,
God fearing or not, not even a monarchy but republic,
the benchmark removed… to be this transparent as
to render a glimpse of an arbitrary abuse of power,
this is what the sands contained in an hourglass do…
stream from one axiom to yet another, hour by hour.

1… ‘vox populi’ refers to ‘popular voice’ or ‘voice of the people’. This is ‘a Republic’, right?

Hillary on email!
We the people… and this is how it started, the documents not ‘Classified’ but made public- transparent. The problem is to get from the ink and paper… to the human heart… to actions taken in support of these words (axioms and ideals). This is where ‘justice for all’ is not thought of as simply words to reflect on but to genuflect on and show deference to them, and on them, as they are believed. This is when American respect for its people and their differences is found to be honorable.

Below is but one example of less than honorable… and in the military worthy of a ‘BCD (Bad Conduct Discharge)’ or ‘Dishonorable Discharge’- or worse, one of those aforementioned and prison time.



What is the difference between Hillary Clinton and Kristian Saucier… are they not both American? A few pictures or a couple thousand emails… which is worse? One of these people might go to prison… and the other might become President! Ah… Amerika!

Hillary's banned words