If you are old enough to remember him…
this picture brings to mind Frank Zappa,
and you don’t need to think about ‘yellow
snow,’ or go running to find an old Zippo,
just think about Monica Lewinsky, Linda
Tripp, Gennifer Flowers… Frank’s song
spoke of what he would like to do, and
of what it means to have power run along…
the plain old thoughts of everyone, right?
Left to pale at what such control can do,
to think there might have been some, like
Zappa, realizing it as more to what is true.

would you allow this... if she was 'your Daughter?'

I don’t care where you are on the ‘economic strata,’ this is one thing I wouldn’t allow… Bill Clinton to ‘touch‘ my daughter. I feel sorry for Andrea… Andrea Catsimatidis, daughter of New York City grocery magnate John Catsimatidis. This is the list of viable contributors, to the Clinton Foundation, and there are some that have speculated ‘sex slavery’ and/or gun-running for those involved is one of the biggest reasons Ambassador Stevens never came home (he knew to much)- funding provided by some from this article. You can value the changes implemented all you want [Together]… see what I mean here.


The line (below) comes from Frank Zappa’s song,”Brown Shoes Don’t Make It.” Here is a link with some info on Frank Zappa’s Political Influence. Below that is a short video with Frank speaking about ‘fascist theocracy.’

…I’d like to make her do a nasty
On the White House lawn…