Yes,”Words have consequences¹,”
but Hillary,”Actions do too²,” and
those that have spoken against
you³ don’t end up being so grand,
consider this just misfortune… go
let the blind lead the blind in tow,
leave this for the ‘simpletons’ that
think your hand will help them grow.

1… Hillary recently reminded Trump about this, after a rally was held where he [Trump] spoke about Second Amendment people… whereby Hillary called it,”his casual inciting of violence.Here is how one news station in Israel saw it.

2… with the recent slight of the American flag, if Hillary controlled what the stage was to look like… then actions speak louder than words. See what the flap was over here (how it looks in Israel) and below.



Where is the flag of the US?

The shape we are in

This is the real shape we’re in… the state of the nation: with racial tension, slighting our allies of the past, ignorance and apathy (apparent) and loss of our own flag at a convention- that of the DNC. Can we afford more of this?



3… with the three recent deaths, each coming after the DNC Convention, of: DNC staffer Seth Rich (July 10), Shawn Lucas (August 2), who served the DNC with a complaint and summons, and John Ashe (June 22nd), former President of the United Nations General Assembly, who was going to begin pretrial meetings (and would testify) about ‘further Clinton cronyism.’

If you would like to know (actually understand) a little bit of truth about corruption, the Clinton legacy (in Arkansas) and not the innuendo the media (today) is feeding us on the TV… just look here. This comes from Sam Smith, Publisher of the Progressive Review, a journalist and activist [and gay], and you can look at an interview [not a video], conducted by Adam Engel, Counterpunch, Nov. 13th, 2003, with him here. Facts are facts… and facts have no feelings toward who provides them. You can have your own opinions but not your own facts!



Please keep in mind, I’m a Democrat too… but I cannot vote for Hillary (the UN puppet) as a veteran.   #thecolorofamericaisamerican