When the roots that freedom wrought
do wither up… to dry and die, the vine
we’ve all gloried in (today), ideally, and
languished upon, liberty thought so fine
but that branch now has broken off and
is the same one used to strike another…
damn this false pretense of diversity, as
liberty is denied beating a Sister’s Brother,
what teaches thee them… them that do
attend, to attend our own funeral pyre,
to tempt the pain of ire… this tongue in
cheek¹ education, the formality of liar
and thief… to misrepresent selfishness
as: valiant, noble, exemplar of self rule,
to turn from freedom given to freedom
taken… stolen then by libertines so cruel,
think not long or hard on truth,”To bigotry
no sanction, to persecution no assistance²,”
or to questions long thought of as slavery…
there is no entitlement without resistance.

1… in 1845, Author Richard Barham, in his book entitled,”The Ingoldsby Legends,” reports a Frenchman as saying,”Superbe! Magnifique!” (with his tongue in his cheek). This is the first recorded use of the phrase.


tongue in cheek


2… the line,”To bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance,” comes from George Washington, found in a letter he wrote in 1790, to the Hebrew Congregation in Newport, Rhode Island. You can also read an article I wrote on this same premise here.


“There shall be no peace (no justice) with diversity (pluralism) if but one group within it is slighted.”
Russell D. Holder