With all the accusations, some factual and others alleged, of mishandling: Classified material, cronyism (just look to the ‘Clinton Foundation‘… support and favors done by either Bill or Hillary), flagrant disregard for the American people and we don’t see anything wrong with this declassification?

The infamous page 405... from 'David Rockefeller Memoirs'

The infamous page 405, from the ‘David Rockefeller Memoirs’ and his (strong) CFR connection overlooked. Is not the term ‘Internationalists’ the same as ‘elitism or libertine’ by nature?



If we were to simply take the experience of being a Sec. of State as a ‘springboard’ for gaining the US Presidency… then speech (choice of words) and private servers (less secure than official channels) need to be a thing of the past- past the conceits being less transparent than the offerings themselves. As a bad example (choice of words) see what Diplomatic experience serves up to our plate [the US quilt of many colors] by S.O.S. John Kerry. A friendly reminder to the Islamic woes of

inequality… or a Freudian slip!

The kiss of betrayal

Is this a kiss of betrayal… for the US?

[Image for the Kerry kiss are from here]

The same position Hillary took... by those that would be above us!

I’m beginning to do more than suspect humanity can only be called humane when they decide not to do this, also seen here.

Double rainbow and a desert morning

A double rainbow on a desert morning… in the US.

Just one American’s view… enjoy your ‘Fourth of July, 2016,’ in North America [the UN catchword for ‘the North American Union’] with your feet on the ground.