As you are well aware here, of my failed attempt of having the first eStore up and running (™) my second go-round will be more inclusive and uplifting. My store name will be called “InkedVo” but I’m going to keep the™ as my brand name only- this will not be a website or dot-com to run to. I’m setting things in place to have ‘Etsy’ as but one location… here I’ll be able to sell my designs on and will include: messages to uplift the spirit, sources of laughter, a viewpoint to raise awareness to something important or see things differently than you did a moment ago.

I’m going to keep you posted here but intend on being able to sell my eBooks (in a digital download), clothing and apparel… mugs, carrying bags- merchandise of a notable interest. InkedVo will be soon upon us… and heart to heart.


Check me out (so far) at the link here.

This is my trademark only (not a website) and renamed ‘InkedVo.’