Proof of meeting Muhammad Ali!


What does one remember
about one that is unforgettable?
Is it considered life changing…
is it to be a moment memorable?
This is what happened to me
and Muhammad Ali, a cook in ’82,’
and a western restaurant, named
Calamity Jane’s, a story quite true,
He was going around the country
raising money for charities by fight,
this occurred in Stockton, California,
the fight… the U.O.P. campus night
left few restaurants left open when it
was all over… the entourage hungry
but some were left fuming when they
found their checks not honored, angry
at Muhammad Ali… thinking he should
be given the check for all to go and eat,
some nerve and verve to imagine his
opponent was not the only thing to beat,
all issues aside… to talk with Muhammad
Ali for fifteen minutes I will never forget…
there was a softness to what he said and
shared, heart to heart, nothing left unfelt.

These thoughts I share with you are from the personal experience I had by meeting Muhammad Ali (Jan 17th, 1942- June 3, 2016), cooking dinner for him, talking with him and can back up what I’m saying (as truth) with his autograph coming from this moment I’ll never forget. By losing him with us… we have just lost a little of who we are ourselves.


The Champ

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