The raised voice and speech,” … a phony, a phony,” is heard

but a bit hypocritical is this epiphany, to point and fire… a canard,

Hillary’s own foisted antics palmed off on the people ‘true blue’

to see red and the ‘red states’ to turn blue, tighten up the screw

on those thumb devices… the ‘Blackberry Media’ gone awry,

and let us all take solace knowing she’ll be there if we’d cry!

I like her ‘truthfulness’ and knowing she (fully) supports abortion

like President Obama, YEAH- Planned Parenthood-wink distortion,

or the ‘Clinton Foundation lobbied by criminals’ and then aided…

and then her ‘branding’ is just an illusion, a mirage left us faded,

or is it the ‘stand against Christians‘ in the Middle East and chides

or the bettor, us (unsung) or shadow bankers (known) who decides.

There can be no such thing as transparency, when it is thought of (open eyes and brain engaged), in this Hillary Campaign for the President’s job. If I cannot trust her with emails… and she wants me to trust her with ‘the Oval Office?’ This is not really where I intended to take this piece of writing to but… which was worse- now the option of bad and (even) worse appears before my eyes? I’d like to thank the ‘American Media’ for most of our woes… running like a rapid dog with a juicy bone in its mouth: with Hillary support (denying ‘Classified’ damage… less coverage), turning out against ‘the Donald’ (for altering what was said… rendering it what was stated he said) and the ongoing attempts to deny our own (ugly) past (much like the Media subjected us to focus on racial concerns [by wedge issue] to the events in Ferguson). Finally, I close this with (of course… another New York Post article),”How Obama has turned back the clock on race relations,” or this one.

I guess we “left no room for anyone else!”


I hope there’s room for one more… don’t you?

What ‘bugs’ you: emails, cigars or conceit?

‘People’s Health’ … nice they cared!

Images from here.