CNN’s Clarissa Ward, Senior International Correspondent,

expressed herself quite well… well enough to point to her

ignorance to what Trump said vs. what was stated Trump

said (in the media) about Islam, No, Muslims did not cheer…

when what Trump really said was: distorted, altered and

twisted to say what they fancied him to be heard as saying,

hounded by the ‘fickle media fleas,’ any dog (female or not)

can be ridden to the direction of choice, wind so swaying…

the flip side of the coin is the story that will not soon quit

when you’d like it just to dry up and blow away, now, today,

and ‘whitewater’ is over but look… it’s back again, and for

her the media is just scratching an old sore, sky so grey

and the ‘fifty plus shades of grey’ will be the old people in

this election that can remember all the Bull and not the pen,

Clinton used the pen to sign in NAFTA but it was Bush, Sr.

that set us all up for that fall, Oh yeah, done way back when.

Which one of the two do you see?

If the ‘media’ would be a watchdog… it would only watch for the steak thrown over the fence by those seeking to rob you blind- and tell you nothing by not barking… free meal. Trump can mess things up on his own well enough (prime example was Bush W.) and Hillary can’t get out of her own way (Women’ Health, Planned Parenthood and here).Welcome to where ‘advocacy Journalism’ reigns and rules. This is the reason to point this image out without religious bias being a concern. Look to the first image for clarity.