What does this image say about ‘health and wellness?’

[Below is a comment, one found deleted (twice now) by Professor Towson, on this article.]

Pew Research on the Chinese economy,10/10/2014, below¹, indicate all is not as rosy as most would think it is- the largest factor influencing world opinion is found in the sheer numbers of people living there and their choices made by purchasing power.

Health concerns due to air pollution² have been rising in Beijing (just look to the bottom reference for PM2.5 [fine particulate matter that is 2.5 microns or less] being more than 110) but, in contrast, the PM2.5 reading was 9.8 in New York and 10.8 in Phoenix. Add to this China’s Human Rights Record³ and you now have a volatile mix beyond concerns of corruption and Communist mandates- the snap back to reality.

If there is a reality-check for anyone finding value from being a woman in China, without referring to the gender disparities in wages⁴ or the gender ratio of men to women⁵ , paint us a good picture and don’t use the crayons provided by the CFR or the United Nations.

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[P.S. This was never intended to be viewed as ‘a hit piece’ comment (what is provided here is not to be taken personally but it is the ‘flip side of the coin’ concerning topics within the article) Professor Towson, as I bear no malice toward you. The notion(s) expressed in the information, especially regarding health and wellness seem askew… more in line with a desired perception than the reality of everything faced by the women of China. I, for one, do not see Chinese moms as ‘more focused’ on health and wellness… than who?]

P.S.S. I also disagree with the ‘title’ for this piece of writing,”Why Chinese Moms Are the World’s Most Important Consumers.” As a statement (alone… slighting Mothers from every other country) it could be misleading, as corporations scramble to find their open hands below the numerical preponderance of Chinese pockets they’d have access to, but as surely as the rising sun is revered in Japan… as world economies decline further into the abyss Chinese growth will be affected. If the US was to default on their debt with China (or decline to pay) this would start the marching to the other side of the continent mentioned in Biblical prophecy; ergo, the title seems a bit contrived and ephemeral.

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