Sadly, I cannot post a comment on another’s work, this one, with a comment or from my own work (found here) on (about) the same type of topic. So… let’s see where the cards will fall. Is this not related to ‘antagonist vs. protagonist‘ and truly ‘moral relativism‘ at its worst? If a writer cannot deal with another writer’s opinion on what they’ve written, how can we take them serious on what they write?

I wonder if ‘Whitewater‘ rings a bell or the ‘Shaheen Report’ that was never released?

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P.S. I’m a Democrat… one that refuses to vote for Hillary. I cannot trust a ‘Benedict Arnold’ in a skirt. See a shocker here, this writer’s primary reason for my own feelings on her- the secondary reason is the lack of concern for ‘Classified Information’… something I worked with in the US Navy firsthand.