Prince Rodgers Nelson (June 7, 1958- April 21, 2016)

I was dreaming of people past…
those that had already gone on,
and I found I could talk to them as
if they were more near than yon,
to talk to peers, friends both old and
dear, no dream… a bridge in time,
much more than going up on the
roof… good times shared no crime,
the times shared more important in
retrospect to us all, we’re left behind,
my friends, welcome back my friends…
the night has fallen, Morpheus calls,
and I am again among you all, to talk
and cherish the days we had recalls
the fondness… the tender moments,
the days we lived and breathed again,
so let no sadness linger on you or to
cause you any pain… in the purple rain.

Here is a link to the lyrics for ‘Purple Rain,’ by Prince, and with this writing to his memory. An article (found here) on Prince by and where the story first broke with TMZ… their article here.

We lose another musical genius. R.I.P!

Image from here.

[A comment I had to add to this to be fully understood]
On CNN yesterday, April 22nd, 2016, friends of Prince were being interview after the release of his body to the family. One was asked about his dreams and stated (I’m paraphrasing),”He spoke of his dreams being very lucid… and his ability to speak to people that had already died.” This is why the tribute piece I’ve written [the memorial] contains what it does. It makes me wonder if (in fact) he knew his own demise was soon!