There are very serious issues on hand for us all

so we need to wade past: what someone ate,

the shoes we want or,”I like pastels better tan 

or gray,” to issues of worthworth time to debate,

we have lost sight of the horizon of quality

roadworthy, something fitting to the time we live,

if there is such a thing as truly being entitled

then reach out for something of substance to give,

we have been subjected to the: moronic, immoral,

platonic platitudes of complacencyso lukewarm,

where we would say we are against violence but

say nothing is wrong against someone to harm

when we dont like them ourselves, to say nothing

is (essentially) to: condone/agree with the behavior,

and yet in a failure to be truthful, to not desire to hurt 

someones feelings, wed forfeit truth for its inferior.

This should be our ‘National bird,’ comfortable and complacent.

We need to get away from: the thin skinned reactions, perceptions used in a less than circumspect manner (to hunt elephants with a telescope… and from the wrong end), knee jerk reactions (jumping to conclusions without the benefit of reason) and knowing something different than the next vs. not caring what someone else thinks (confidence vs. arrogance). We don’t need to sit back and allow something wrong to continue but we need to: stand up, speak out and let the cards fall where they may. Of course, this does need to be done from the perspective of love to be understood, even with the risk it will not be received with the same effort felt from when it is reacted to. Reaction coming from a biased opinion can add further confusion to: what was expressed, the intention strived for and the motive or purpose to the action taken.