Is it due to Obama support you might vote for her?

“When you whisper against the mountain and hear the echo… realize this is not the fate of man but the providence of God, for the fulness of this realization (of life itself) comes not by allowing injustice to prevail but to take the high ground and: speaking the truth, standing against it and maintaining the courage to see it through to fruition.”

When was destiny ever advanced by

ill-conceived motives… throughout time

it has been prevailing, cultures and man’s

history is clearly proof, legal or by crime?

From Stalin to Marx, Clinton to Bush, there

has been ‘political correctness’ or the gulag…

the ‘free speech zones’ or the ‘Blackwater

prisons,’ and torture used by a scalawag,

what we find a shade apart from red to ‘Red’

or from ‘the chalk on the cleats‘ of despots,

there has never been a time more crucial

than today… moral decay shows us it rots.

When there are more questions than answers to be seen, for one candidate… Hillary, for: mishandling classified information (the email-gate), the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens (one of our own left behind), the open and overt lies (proven by her denial), support for Planned Parenthood (no consideration for human life), connections with the CFR (Council for Foreign Relations) and the UN (United Nations) and now… high finance and ‘white slavery’ and gun running concerns coupled with UN long range plans (goals) for the US. So, with the growing list of people discounted: Veterans, child bearing Women, freedom loving Americans, truth seekers, anyone that values ‘free choice’ and Christians… as well as open support for her by President Obama,”Do you still want Hillary as much as you thought you did?”

A recent statement by President Obama, see below, made with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg

“Multilateralism regulates [American] hubris.”

Is this a vaulted UN perspective?

Here are a couple more articles by The Atlantic on ‘hubris’ and the President explained, at this link or this one– your choice respectively. I’ll offer you one of my own to be seen at this link here.

It is a [very] fine line between what some might call ‘slander’ vs. ‘blasphemy’ and you do not see death come by slander. The image here (at LinkedIn) comes with this quote,

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

Barack Hussein Obama

Image from here

[Please Note: The quote on the image used (at LinkedIn) for this article is accurate, and you can see it in the transcript provided by the White House,”Remarks by the President to the UN General Assembly,” made Sept. 29th, 2012. To be fair… the statement was embellished upon but taken out of context and left to stand on its own is where the questions very surely arise. In context, this sentence doesn’t fit with the rest of the information provided, and it would appear as if it was a thought to be (intentionally) separate and apart [distinctly different] from the body of the paragraph. It is due to things like this I find it hard to believe President Obama is as he makes claim to be, in this speech, that he is Christian! As to the quote itself… even snopes is in on this one, see it here.]