Dear Brother Ja’Mal Green, who do you support for President

and if you say you’d raise up Hillary… read this if you please?

By placing yourselves in the middle of a ‘Trump rally’ and hoping

to exercise freedom of speech is to run with bulls you’d tease

but such an action flies in the right to lawfully assembly… especially

at such an event when the demon you chase came from Chicago,

the fine art of dog-eat-dog comes from Leo Straussian teaching,

and it is a philosophy made manifest best exampled a quango…

the body appointed under Bush Jr. (the Neo-cons) came from

the works of: Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and others of this same ilk,

in,”Thoughts on Machiavelli,” Strauss emphasizes wickedness

as wholesome… ‘free speech zone’ segregated, not even with silk,

and the policies carried forward by President Obama, unchanged,

are of and from this same playbook, Hillary too a CFR devotee…

so Brother Ja’mal Green, there is more here than meets the eye,

and the eye fails our sight if it attempts to disregard you or me.

If we offer nothing but opposition to what is being promoted, at a ‘Trump Rally,’ and deceive ourselves to claim it was done peacefully… for you know and I know this is not the common goal for us promoted in love. Please read ‘Philosophy’ from this page on Strauss and tell me He cared for uniting Americans… or anyone else for that matter. With his teaching rooted in: Nietzche, Hegel and devoted to the principles of nihilism with a metaphysical twist. I don’t think MLK, Jr. would have chosen this to protest against… peacefully or not! Doctor King supported inclusion vs. exclusion, peace over tyranny… love over hate.

Students of his (Strauss) are on the world stage, in the US found on both sides of the aisle, and it is up to us to be aware what they truly represent… over being inclusive of our county as a whole. #2Ja’MalGreen